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  1. Karen Says:

    I saw Keith on tape….at a memorial concert in feb./march of 1983. It was in St. Petersburg Fla. By July 1983 I was at Last Days Ministries.

  2. Jim Drew Says:

    Most of my memories of Keith are through the albums and then tapes, but there was a time when Keith came to Houghton College in Houghton, NY. Wish I could remember the date because it was a great concert and the thing that impacted a lot of the students and others that attended is how he handled the space, (or lack of it). There just wasn’t enough room for all the folks that came so Keith had people come up and sit around the stage. He broke barriers that are tough to break at times, (and at times it may not be safe and good to break), but for this time it was a great thing to do and he met folks and worshiped together and spoke to hearts in his passionate way. No holds barred.

    Though that was an awesome experience I have to say that my personal favorite time was alone with the Lord, maybe driving and listening to tapes and a song would permeate my thoughts and cause me to deal with something with the Lord. That is what I remember most. Keith’s stuff brought me before the Lord and I could spend time with the Father and deal with things in my heart. It wasn’t about Keith. He was kind of a greeter leading us to the One who really could impact our lives and I will always appreciate that. The results are I am always looking for those times now and I can now come into the throne room on my own, but I get to help others find that room because I got a good idea of how to do it. Jim

  3. Joyce Hollenbeck Says:

    I only have his tapes that became a standard part of my walk with MY GOD…..;). unfortunately, I seem to have lost them…:(….and can’t find them anywhere! I will always have my personal time(which is ALL the day!) with MY GOD, I just miss his soul filled songs that made the time so peaceful. I will keep looking for them, tho. My favorite song of his was “The Sheep and The Goats”! I just LOVE the way he presented a very serious point and put a bit of humor in it.

    Anyway it was a set of four tapes and I’m hoping to find maybe some CD’s so I can have them for our Bible Study that we have at my sister’s house….;). I’m so glad that Kieth’s music gave me the “go gettem” I need to “go and get ’em for GOD!”. Joyce

  4. Rodney Martin Says:

    I saw Keith two or three months before he died. He was playing at the Long Beach arena I think at the time. I am the same age as he was had he lived. I loved his music.He truly was a prophetic voice through the music he played so well. At the time I was going to a church that was in sync with his messege. When he sang and preached he pulled no punches when he talked about the condition of the church. I miss the youth and zeal we had back then. One way or another I pray God will turn the church and this country around in the right direction .Keith is missed but let his zeal resides in people that God will raise up soon.

  5. Larry Gembicki Says:

    I saw Keith perform at Lakeland Community College in Mentor, Ohio sometime in 1979-80. I was working full-time for Teen Challenge at the time and we took the whole camp to see him. I remember about half the place going forward at the altar call. I liked getting the Newsletter and enjoyed listening to No Compromise. I sent him a letter once and someone else from the ministry responded. I never did get to meet him but I was a counselor at the Memorial concert in our area. He inspired me to read Finney and I’ve probably read about everything in print either by Finney or about Finney. I’ve made several trips to Oberlin College and copied out of print stuff that Finney authored. I’ve been to Finney Chapel and Finney’s gravesite several times. Finney has helped me to figure out what I believe and why. If it wasn’t for Keith I probably wouln’t have heard about Finney. I think I might have also seen Keith perform at one of the Jesus festivals at Agape Farm in Mount Union, Pennsylvania.

  6. Bill Meyer Says:

    Northeastern Bible College, Essex Fells, NJ about 1979 or 80. I had heard the “No Compromise Album” in a little Christian book store in our area. Wow, was I blown away and deeply convicted, especially by the “Asleep in the Light” cut. I was a student at the Bible College, not really sure what I wanted to do with my life. Keith was doing a concert at the college. When I got to the school, I knew something was up. There were cars lined all the way up the road to the school to the main road road waiting to get in. I noticed license plates from as far away as New Hampshire. The concert was standing room only. It was awesome, as the presence of God fell and a Spirit of repentance moved through the crowd. Many in the crowd stood and came to mikes to confess their sins. Keith, went out to the people outside the concert venue that could not get in and sang and preached to them. Seeing how many people did not get in for the first concert, he agreed to do a second one that night, which was also SRO. Keith and his ministry contributed a huge amount to the man I am today and the ministry I have today as the pastor of a church in New Jersey.

  7. Scott Bachmann Says:

    I saw Keith in concert in Seattle, WA in the fall of 1980. As I recall, the arena held about 6,000 people. It was packed and there were about 5,000 people outside, unable to get in. Keith agreed to do a second concert that night for those who would stay.
    He came out in jeans and a plaid, flannel shirt. Just Keith and a grand piano on the stage, nothing else. Of course, he held the audience spellbound. At one point the crowd erupted in applause at something he had said. Keith responded, “Some of you are only applauding because you don’t want your neighbor to know that what I said applies directly to YOU!” Ouch.
    The sweetest, yet most haunting memory of that night was the way it ended. Keith asked the audience to leave the auditorium in silence. He said, “Don’t talk about what you’ve heard tonight with anyone until you talk to God about it first.” It was eerie…6,000 people exiting a large auditorium, and all you could hear was an occasional cough and the sound of shuffling feet.

  8. Margie Says:

    I can tell you about the concert I wasn’t at.
    A Memorial Concert was held in Long Island, NY after his death.
    My youth group was going and I couldn’t wait to go.
    A few days before the concert, my sister and I were grounded and couldn’t go!
    I cried and cried and cried. And to this day, it kills me that I wasn’t able to go.
    Oh well, my own fault. But, wish I could’ve been there.
    Years later, I did get a DVD copy of a Memorial Concert. But, it wasn’t the same.
    Wish my sister and I would’ve stopped that fighting way before the concert.
    (That’s why we were grounded-fighting!)
    I’ll have to share this story with my 2 girls who are always fighting.
    I could tell them, “One day, you might be grounded for fighting and miss out on something in life that might mean a lot to you.”

  9. Mary (Geraty) Shearer Says:

    I saw him at Jesus Festival (79?) (before it became the Creation Festival) in Mt. Union, PA. He stopped the concert midway and was lead by the Holy Spirit to pray against Satanic forces in the area. (Evidently there had been Satan worship going on in the woods nearby). A bonfire was started off to the side of the arena area from all the Satanic paraphinalia (Books of Satan, tarot cards, drug paraphinalia, etc.) that were tossed into it. It was a mighty night of deliverance for the whole audience. There was a girl that was standing in front of me who fell to the ground convulsing, cursing and screaming. Myself and my friends that were with me immediately laid hands on her (so she would hurt herself) and prayed over her. After about 5 – 10 minutes, the spirits left her and she was delivered!! One or two or the guys had to almost sit on her, she was that strong! What an awesome experience to the power and authority of pray!! I’ll never forget it. I have been able to share that story numerous times over the years when people doubt the need for praying for someone and their deliverance.

  10. Alan Says:

    Jesus Northwest, summer of ’78. No one, really, outside of Southern California had heard of this guy. THE concert. The one that they offered through the ministry for awhile as his first “live” recording. I was a scrawny 18 year old kid, traveling alone, staying in my tent in the campground. We had all been lying on the ground around the stage all day, getting tan, showing more skin than necessary, laughing and relaxing in the sun. Keith closed the event on Saturday night. You all know what his concerts were like–goofy-looking, floppy-haired, quirky, laughable jewish dude with this amazing hair that bounced around the stage like a tumbleweed in a tornado! Yeah, he reeled us in. We were chuckling, but not really paying much attention. We had already seen some pretty amazing well-known talent that week. But though I saw him many subsequent times and later became intimately acquainted with his ministry and those who knew him best, I have never again witnessed a Keith Green audience react quite like that night. We were blind-sided. Mesmerized. Aghast. And finally heart-stricken. There were 15 or 20 thousand, perhaps more, and I don’t think there was a single dry eye after the Sheep and the Goats and Asleep in the Light. But if there were any hard hearts left, that night’s version of My Eyes Are Dry uncapped the floodgates. Most were prostrate, or bent, racked in convulsions, crying out in repentance and fear for our hardened hearts. None were exempt that night, but in true Keith form, he didn’t leave us huddled in shame. The evening closed with a wonderful impromptu moment when, after 10 or 15 minutes, Keith just whispered, “Wow. Where do we go from here? We can’t have an altar call. There are too many of us!” So we just started singing, intimately, perfectly, cleansed and truly in accord. That such a night might happen again. And soon.

  11. Glenn Dixon Says:

    I was fortunate enough to see him twice in concert. Once was in New Mexico where I was working as a summer staffer at Glorieta, the Baptist camp. The last time was in Austin, TX in an auditorium used for wrestling. The piano was actually in the wrestling ring. Keith couldn’t resist the obvious analogy. “and in this corner, Jesus Chriiiiiiist” At the time both events were highly emotional and spiritually charged, as were all of his concerts, I’m sure. His talent always impressed me.

  12. Wendell & Jan Hollingsworth Says:

    I (Wendell) was a seminary student at Oral Roberts University when Keith made his appearance there. We were at ORU because we desperate for more of God and had become somewhat disillusioned. Keith’s ministry rekindled a fire in us for God and His kingdom. His radical commitment to God and His truth caused some things in us to be awakened. His passion for lost souls stirred us into action. His love for God aroused us to seek God more diligently. His willingness to give away his albums for “whatever you can afford” baffled us. His willingness to call out sin, no matter how unpopular, mystified us. This brief encounter with Keith changed our lives and ministry forever. Our kids grew up on Keith Green music, and later Jason Upton music, thus also affecting their lives in a powerful way. My only regret is that I did not make more time in my then busy schedule to spend more time with Keith while he was Tulsa those few days. I look forward to seeing him again in heaven!

  13. Delphine Whiting Says:

    I remembered attending my first Christian concert in a high school in the Chicago area in October, 1978. I never heard of Keith before that time. I fell in love with his music and his message. I heard later on, that was his only Chicago appearance. I had a privlage to meet him, and to shake his hand.


  14. Carol Drey Says:

    I don’t remember when, but Keith played at The Ebell Club in Long Beach, California. Being somewhat of a musician I so enjoyed his piano playing (especially a touch of the 3rd movement of the Moonlight Sonata). I never had been around miracle healings and someone who had been deaf in one ear was healed. Keith really brought the Presence of God in a way I had not experienced.

  15. shirley Says:

    I am very particular about the music and worship songs that I listen to; however, I fell in love with Keith’s truth and honesty in his message.

    I have not heard of anyone quite like him. There was such an anointing on his music and the music brought you into spiritual reality.

  16. Nancy King Says:

    I grew up in Maine. Keith was scheduled to come to Augusta, Maine, I believe it was the very next concert date he had. He didn’t make it………. In October, I think, Melody came. My church youth group was devastated. Even now, all these years later, I hear his songs, and I am transported to another place and time. Keith will always have a special place in my heart. There was/is no one else like him.

  17. Nancy Jacobsen Says:

    I was at Jesus ’78 with my Connecticut church’s youth group at the Agape Farm in Union Pa. There I met the man I am married to to this day! Keith’s music was a constant part of my walk with God and now his music is as important to our three girls.

  18. Jeff McLeod Says:

    I saw Keith in 1978/1979 in Marietta, GA. At the time, I was a new Believer and Keith was a powerful prophetic voice to me and many of my college aged brothers and sisters. I was also privileged to meet Lenoard Ravenhill at the Ellis Bible Study in Symyrna, GA where the Pat Terry Group led worship. I had 8 track tapes, LPs, and cassettes of these great Christian music pioneers and they impacted me greatly to become a songwriter, worship leader and producer. I have a cherished framed copy of Keith’s tract “Who Cares” in my studio. In 1980 I actually went to Last Days on a trip to TX from GA. I now live just a couple of hours from Lindale. What an unforgettable and influential man of God was Keith Green!

  19. danny hogan Says:

    My wife and I saw Keith in Baton Rouge, La in 1978/1979. What a powerful concert and prayer meeting! He had that Charles Finney thing going on and had everyone leave real quite and repentant. How sad July 28, 1982 was for us. I felt like “the music died”. Keith will always be one of the best! I occasionally listen to his music now and still am blessed and challenged.

  20. regina Says:

    I was really searching and new to this God stuff. A friend told me that Keith was playing at the Long Beach Arena and not to miss it because it was going to be really good.

    I tell you, every obstacle that could have come my way did come but I persevered and my mind was set, nothing was going to keep me from this event….it was a spiritual thing. It seemed the enemy didn’t want me to go.

    I did finally make it, probably half way through and amazingly I bumped into my friend, Rick, in that huge crowd. Keith’s music was annointed, heavenly. I remember Andre Crouch was there too.

    The altar call came and I was used to going up for the altar calls…so I did go up front and then Keith took us all in the back to speak with us personally. I finally got it…it was finished.

    Keith’s music/ministry will always have a special place in my heart because it points me to Jesus everytime…Keith fades into the background and Jesus is lifted up. Do you think he is playing for God?

    After the Lord took him and the children, I was so sad. I remember my pastor at that time, John, from Calvary Chapel saying that he and many others did not pay much attention to Keith. They thought he was a hippie – radical, but now, their eyes have been opened and they see that His life was a testimony for the Glory of God. I am so thankful that I was able to share in it.

    God bless you guys for all that you do and know that you do make a difference.

  21. Tom Says:

    I saw Keith live in Seattle, after reading another Seattle comment it was in 1980. What was most amazing was that he played only a few songs and was on fire to preach to us Christians more so it seemed than even the lost. How would that go over now days at a concert? I took my younger sister to the memorial concert also, inrtroducing a 13 year younger one to Keiths life and music. It’s funny to read the post above about what their Calvary Chapel pastor said and thought about Keith being a hippie and radical, since I got saved at the first Calvary Chapel offshoot here in Seattle by a guy that had longer hair than Keith and a full beard to boot. My first thought when I saw him was who’s this guy that’s trying to look like Jesus. Hahahaha. At 62 that guy doesn’t have much hair anymore, much like Greg Laurie. The truth cuts through everything as it did with Keith also. I’m sure John the baptist was quite a sight in his day. I used to look forward to every Last Days Newsletter that came out as well as the albums. I was really saddened by his seemingly early death, but I’m sure the Lord has His reasons as He always does. When I got married 7 years ago we used Keiths Easter Song as our procession out song. Now days when times are tough I love to pop in a Keith cd and get uplifted or challenged. Also when things are good it’s still great worship music even with all the new worship music we have. I wonder if Keith would have thought some of his songs would be sung as worship music in church? I love it when we get to. Well, some day we’ll be singing with him and all the saints in front of the heavenly host and the Lord. Can’t wait……..

  22. Belinda Says:

    Keith really had a gift which went beyond his music talent. God worked through his music and he did God’s work through his music. Thanks Keith for touching my life. Belinda

  23. Scott Says:

    I too saw Keith at Jesus ’78 in Mt. Union, PA. I remember it RAINED a lot that week and the entire campground was covered in mud. Towards the end of Keith’s set he challenged us to surrender our lives to Jesus. He then instructed us to get on our knees and pray. I remember this so vividly, because there was a lot of apprehension because to do so meant kneeling in 4 to 6 inches of MUD! To which Keith said, “You can wash the dirt off your jeans, but if you don’t get down on your knees, you’ll never be able to wash the dirt from your heart.” Thousands, including me, found ourselves knee deep in the mud.

  24. Steven Browne Says:

    Keith’s music helped me over the years and i was so sad when he passed on but he is in a better place now and i still lesten to his music when im feeling down just to pick me up. I like to think that he’s still helping me from the grave x


  25. Mike73 Says:

    Keith’s music was a big inspiration to me. I loved his music and it always helped me get through tough times. He will be remembered through his music.

  26. kathleen medina Says:

    I remember keith green concert in santa rosa ca at Jesus west coast in 82 I was in T.C. of sacremento. We all clapped for him and he got a little anoyed and said clap for Him (pointing up to heaven) We did and the concert and his message of missions was so powerful… i will always remember that summer night standing in the stands as the sky turned pink then purple we were all one that night, united in reaching the world for Christ…Sadley 30 years and life has taken my innocents of those days away but hearing his songs again brings me back to weekend with ywam and all the people united in our love of God and hope for a better future.

  27. Sue Petrinec Says:

    1977 Agape Farm, Mount Union, Pa. Camping with christian friends for this Jesus 77. I went up for healing of memories and when I had returned home it was the turning point in my personal life. I thank God for obedient christians for God can really speak through them. Felt like heaven there. God is awesome, thank you for people like Keith Green that God had blessed us with.

  28. Christopher Says:

    Reading some of these stories just brings back a flood of memories. I had been listening to Keith’s music since ’77. There was just nothing like it. There was other very good and inspiring music in those days (2nd Chapter of Acts, Darrell Mansfield’s 1st album, Phil Keaggy, Paul Clark, Glad, and others), but Keith wasn’t afraid to shine the light of exposure and tear down what needed to be.

    I and some brethren finally had a chance to go and see him live in 1980/81 at Anaheim Convention Center. There were so many people there that we weren’t able to get in. I mean there were thousands who had the doors closed on them. The San Diego concert that has been mentioned by others here was next – a couple of days away. We set our sights on that concert and got there early just to be sure! I still recall the breaking down of stony hearts that night. I saw him after this twice and I am here to testify, God is my witness, that those later concerts were not the same. They were great, but alas. I have never experienced an event like this one before or since.

    I recall him saying, “I want you to be broken and blessed in that order.” And that is precisely what took place. He broke and then blessed us. There was not a person that I could see who was not weeping, grieving over sin, deeply convicted, reaching out to the Lord Jesus with all our being and then being healed and blessed by Him. Someone wrote above about Jesus Northwest. I had that and a cassette copy of the Orel Roberts preaching. San Diego was no less moving or inspiring. I wore them out!

    Ohhhhh Lord Jesus that you would move Melody/ Last Days to allow us to experience the rich blessing of Jesus Northwest again by realizing that this was not Keith at his immature rough around the edges stage, but was genuinely the Spirit of our Lord Jesus bringing the medicine our souls desperately needed. I have tried to get them to break it back out as have others who I know, to no avail. Seems like a spiritual crime to withold such an antidote; especially given the lax state of affairs today.

    Anyway, please believe me that I am not exaggerating about this most memorable concert. There was not one person I interacted with at that place afterward (tens of people and perhaps up to a hundred) who said or felt: “Gee, that was kinda harsh, how about the love of God?” – not even one! Much to the contrary, there was a such sense of renewal, healing, renewed focus and determination not just to spread the Gospel, but to live it to the fullest! “Broken and blessed” indeed. Thank you Jesus! We all left much closer to our Savior than we were when we arrived. Hearing Holy Spirit filled Keith preach and perform that night changed my life and many others’ lives forever. It was just what Dr. Jesus ordered! Thank you Keith, I love you and your music dearly to this day 30+ years later. In my experience anyway, that San Diego concert (and the presence of the Holy Spirit emanating from that Jesus Northwest tape) made more of a difference in my life and the lives of others than ANY other “Christian” event that I have ever witnessed befrore or since. I can never repay you, but you can bet that I will hug you tightly on that day and say heartfelt thank you!

    Oh yes, and there were so many people that didn’t make it in, that he graciously did it all again after we exited. We also filed out in silence exactly as mentioned above.

  29. Jennifer Says:

    I remember attending one of Keith Green’s last concerts in Columbia, SC, before he died in the plane crash in 1982. The place was packed. When Green appeared on the stage, the whole crowd applauded respectfully, loud and long, but it was so different from the behavior I had usually witnessed at concerts: zero screaming, whistling, or shouting. That surprised me, but I was even more astonished as the concert proceeded and I witnessed the complete excellence of his music and ministry. Surely if any musician deserved to be exalted it was he, yet the crowd was emotionally controlled throughout. I was profoundly impressed. I mentioned this later to a friend who had attended one of his concerts a few years earlier in the same venue, and he recollected how Green had rebuked the audience that night because of their worship-like adulation, which he said belonged to Christ alone. Seemingly the crowd took it to heart, because there was no hero worship the night I attended. Unfortunately, although I have since attended many other Christian concerts, I have never again witnessed such humility by the performers.

  30. Todd Palmer Says:

    I first heard of Keith Green in 1985. I listed to his music, and I thought, “Wow! This is different!” He challenged me to a closer walk with Christ. It is amazing that he has been in Heaven so long, and I can think of no musician that fills the void left after he passed. Therefore, I just keep listening to his music. It is Christ exalting, and feeds my soul. God bless his family that remains. I heard his youngest daughter sing for the first time a few days ago. She ministers with her husband. They are good, and I encourage anyone to see them minister. Jesus is Lord!

  31. Todd Palmer Says:

    I first heard of Keith Green in 1985. I listened to his music, and I thought, “Wow! This is different!” He challenged me to a closer walk with Christ. It is amazing that he has been in Heaven so long, and I can think of no musician that fills the void left after he passed. Therefore, I just keep listening to his music. It is Christ exalting, and feeds my soul. God bless his family that remains. I heard his youngest daughter sing for the first time a few days ago. She ministers with her husband. They are good, and I encourage anyone to see them minister. Jesus is Lord!

  32. Debdab Says:

    I saw Keith at Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, CA in early 1980. His ministry was overwhelming together with the worshipful musical talent. I was in awe if God at this concert. As a new Christian, and a very young woman, I was ‘on fire’ for God and Keith built my faith by worship he inspired. During break, as I entered the woman’s room, young ladies were combing their hair and primping. I was horrified and it showed! How can you even look at yourselves at a time such as this God-honoring moment? I received looks of conviction as well as rolling eyes. I shall never forget that moment. My unabashed countenance of God’s glory was received by some and rejected by some. It was ‘no compromise’ for our flesh moment! I’d actually like to apologize for my zeal, but I shan’t. 🙂
    Of course God has grown us all up since those days. Keith Green was a special vessel. I will always remember his great talent and uncompromising soul.

  33. Lew May Says:

    In early 1982, I was searching and seeking a path that eventually led to my becoming a believer a few years later. I had a girlfriend at the time who was a Christian and introduced me to his music and the new genre of contemporary Christian music that was emerging at that time. I went to a Keith Green concert in Memphis in early 1982 and was in complete awe of how God changed his life. I’m not sure I would be a Christian today were it not for his convicting testimony. I bought every album he ever made. Now I have his two anthology albums on CDs and still listen to them. I thank God for Keith and Melody Green and the many thousands of souls affected by their words and music. Most of all, I thank God for changing me through Jesus and using his servant Keith to deliver the good news to me.

  34. Robin Gutshall Says:

    I was eight years old at Jesus 78 in Pa when Keith played. I will never forget how the Holy Spirit got a hold of my little frame. I could not stop weaping and wondering what was happening to me to make me so full of joy and cry at the same time. I too remember the rain and mud, and I remember a mighty move of God pouring down on us from beginning to end.

  35. George Says:

    I was at both the concerts at Northeastern Bible College in Essex Fells, NJ. I was a student at NBC at the time and volunteered as a counselor for the concerts. I had never heard of Keith Green and had little interest in hearing him. My primary interest was to help others in terms of Christian counsel. When Keith sat down at his piano, sadly I thought to myself, that this wasn’t going to be much of a concert, a single guy playing the piano. About 30 seconds into the concert I was amazed by what I was hearing. The most memorable part of the concert wasn’t the music. Rather, it was when Keith said to the crowd that if they wanted a record and they didn’t have the money with them to take a record and send the ministry the money when they could, and if they didn’t have the money and could not afford to pay, to take a record and enjoy it as a gift. At that moment I thought, this guy is the real deal–Christ’s ministry first! I was working at WFME Radio, not far from NBC, as an announcer the night the reports over the teletype (a machine that provided us with breaking typewritten news reports) reporting that he had died. I was preparing to do the news when the announcement came up on the teletype printer and was stunned by the news. Even though WFME didn’t play his music at the time (very conservative station), they allowed me to put together and air a tribute to him. He was truly a one of a kind person and minister of Christ. Praise the Lord for his ministry to us.

  36. Lydia Birks Says:

    My husband and I were at Keith’s last concert in Santa Rosa, California in July 1982 just before he passed on July 28, 1982. Keith had such a huge impact on shaping my early Christian walk. He was truly a prophet to our generation and challenged us to live 100% for the Lord. I remember going up to him at a concert and asking to take a picture of him after he had asked us to leave with her eyes kept on Jesus. He looked at me with his penetrating eyes of love (much like I’m sure Jesus did with people) and said, “is that really what Jesus would want right now?” I never got that picture. I admired him so much and was absolutely heartbroken at his passing. But out of his life came so many godly and passionate Christians because of his passion for the Lord. I look forward to seeing him in heaven one day and giving him a big hug.