What’s Your Story?

How has Keith’s life and ministry impacted your life?

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  1. Melanie Says:

    I first heard his music back in 1981 when I first started going to church and I guess when I first got saved. His music was not considered as radical back then as it is now. I’ve heard it said before that Keith Green may not be able to preach as strongly now as he did back then. The lyrics to his music were very “in your face” by todays standards.

    The first tape I had of his was Do You Wanna go back to Egypt.

    I love the exhortation! I listen to Keiths music and preaching when I feel that my walk is becoming lukewarm (which is often). I pray that even if its for a brief period of time that I may have a fraction of the impact that Keith had on this world for Christ.

  2. Angie Stark Says:

    I first heard Keith at college. A friend put on “For Him Who has Ears to Hear”, up until that point most of the christian music was kind of “fluff” and really didn’t compare musically to the type of music I liked before I became a christian. When I heard that album it cut me to the quick, I couldn’t help but weep.
    And even to this day when I listen to “Grace By Which I Stand” tears come to my eyes. It still has a profound affect on me.
    It’s been 30 years now since his death but the songs and example that Keith set are still as valid today as they were 30 years ago.
    He is one of the people that I will be very excited to meet in heaven.

  3. Kevin Root Says:

    Keith Greens music has blessed my life from the first time that I heard it at Jesus West Coast. I believe that was in 1983. His message and music has been and still is a blessing to me, as I am sure it is to many others.

  4. Karen Wade Says:

    I was so blessed by the simplicity, yet profound message in Keith’s music. I remember playing it over and over…something about the shepherd’s heart. I was so upset when I found out about the crash, and was glad to get the memorial dvd, and have wondered about his wife and family many times. His music was annointed, and I know that the Holy Spirit was helping him understand and express many mysteries of Jesus’ words about being “sold out”, as well as being assured of His Father’s love and care. I pray that we as Christians in the “last of the last days” will return to that message, and many will be changed or have a deeper relationship with the Lord and abide(rest) in Him. Keith’s music touched the deep God places of our hearts and souls. I thank God for his ministry and dedication, as well as those around him who helped to facilitate his music and preaching ministry.

  5. hensonator Says:

    I’m 24 years old (born in 88) so I have no story of having heard of Keith Green or his music while growing up. I first heard of Keith Green through Leonard Ravenhill a couple years ago, and anyone who was involved in ministry with Ravenhill was a “must listen to” for me.

    I loved his song “Oh Lord You’re Beautiful” and particularly the line “and when Your eyes on this child, Your grace abounds to me”, but since the style was outdated, I moved onto more contemporary worship music.

    Fastforward a year or two, I was handed the book “No Compromise” as a MUST READ. I’m about halfway through the book in 3 days, and the man’s heart inspires me! He was a King David of his time, but taken up so quickly! Having grown up in the church my entire life, I realized that so much of my behavior as a Christian is “learned” from our Western Christian culture. We learn how to “behave” and nothing is real anymore. Most churches are no different from other sub-culture social groups. We have our own language, our own style of dress, our own rules for behavior, etc. What makes us so different from the urban hip hop scene, or the grungy hipsters, or the punk rock skaters? Nothing.

    Even though Keith Green’s music is very outdated (and doesn’t appeal to my musical tastes), I can’t help but be so moved and drawn to tears as I listen to his worship to God. You really are listening to the man’s heart. I guess this is what “anointed” music is….

    Thank you Jesus for showing me what is possible through Keith Green.

  6. Aaron Says:

    I’m only 16 but my dad showed me Keith’s music when I was 13. I was in to Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin but there was something different about Keith’s music. I would sleep with it on. Last year I got No Compromise The Life Story of Keith Green and reading it one night the Holy Spirit convicted me and saved me! He called me to the ministry and baptized me in the Holy Spirit. Now i’m seeing people saved and healed and on fire for God. Thank God for Keith Green! Keith, Leonard Ravenhill, and David Wilkerson are my favorite!

  7. Andy LeFebre Says:

    Last winter I was approached by one of my worship leaders who was all excited about a new song they’d discovered and wanted to sing it at the church. I was curious as to what song could make them so delighted. They stated the title of the song was “Oh Lord, Your Beautiful.” It was then that I realized I’ve been singing worship songs for quite some time. Also, that one of my Godly mentors was too easily forgotten.

    I’ve tried over the years to give honor to those who have made a large spiritual impact in my life. This would include my spiritual fathers and mothers. A person who made one of the profoundest impacts in my formative years as a teenager was the man who wrote “Oh Lord Your Beautiful” and he cannot be acknowledged enough. His name was Keith Green.

    Keith Green was a singer and songwriter who passed away in a plane crash in 1982. HIs impact upon many young teenagers (including myself) was quite profound, and he continues to impact us through his passionate life today.

    I didn’t know much about Keith before I boarded a bus for Des Moines to go to a concert to here him play. I only knew I was singing one of his songs often:

    “Make my life a prayer to you
I wanna do what you want me to
No empty words and no white lies
No token prayers no compromise” …..

    It was my first Christian concert and I didn’t know what to expect. It all started with Keith walking on stage to applause and cheers. He was wearing a simple collared shirt and some jeans. He went straight to his piano and sat down. As the applause continued he immediately turned the attention heaven-word as he began with:

    “Rushing wind blow through this temple,

Blowing out the dust within,

Come and breathe your breath upon me,

I’ve been born again.

Holy spirit, I surrender, take me where you want to go,

Plant me by your living water,

Plant me deep so I can grow.”

    For the next 30 minutes we worshipped the Lord Jesus as Keith led us in song. A couple of his signature songs included “Pledge my head to Heaven,” and “There is a Redeemer.” He then proceeded to intermingle story and song. His ability to weave the two together was incredible as he told simple stories as he orchestrated the piano. He sang and taught with a special anointing that expressed itself with the boldness of John the Baptist. Later he gave an altar call for salvation and then another call for the Filling of the Holy Spirit. I went up for one of the calls. I was surprised then, to see Keith show up in our room of a few hundred people to teach on the filling of the Holy Spirit and deeper surrender to the Lord. To leave the concert and performance to attend a room of hungry people was admirable and something I’ll never forget. I’ve often said to others that It was my “first concert,” and even though I’ve been to many since, none has been quite as profound. It was less about entertaining and more about making an impact through changed lives.

    This left an indelible impression on this young man. I later went on to memorize most every song Keith sang. They say every movement of God needs to be put into song. For the great awakening and the influence of John Wesley there was John’s brother Charles who wrote songs like “O for a thousand tongues to sing,” and “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.” For me it was Keith Green and “Oh Lord, your Beautiful,” and “Asleep in the Light,” “The Prodigal Son Suite,” as well as a host of others. I still sing his songs, and I am forever tempered by his passion, anointing and character.

    Thank you Keith for your example of wholehearted devotion. I am forever indebted to you.

    Pastor Andy LeFebre

  8. Lynne Says:

    Keith’s music influenced my walk with God profoundly. I had all of his albums when I was 14 and felt drawn closer to Jesus through each song. It was at this time I felt a calling to cross-cultural missions. To Obey is Better Than Sacrifice, became a heart song to the Lord for me. His music lyrics led me before the Lord and inspired a deeper walk with him. I would sing so many of his songs to the Lord in worship in my college years. His unreserved commitment to Christ influenced me deeply. My husband and I have now been serving as missionaries to the Mongolian people for over twenty years. Thank you Lord, for Keith’s gifting and example to so many!

  9. Rocky Coffin Says:

    I ate Keith’s fries late one night at Perkins in Bemidji, MN, after having heard him speak earlier that night at one of the Ben Israel/Camp Dominion summer convocation meetings down by Laporte (summer 1981). I was actually looking for another one of the camp speakers, Eldridge Broussard, whom I knew personally and who had sent a message to me about getting together. Art Katz informed me that Eldridge had gone to town to get something to eat. Knowing that Perkins was the only eatery open that late at the time, I and a friend headed there. Sure enough, Eldridge was there, holding court in the big corner booth in the back. With Keith and Melody Green! We almost turned around, too shy to disturb them, but Eldridge saw us and beckoned us to sit down, and Keith offered me his plate of fries. They were discussing the evening’s meeting… An infamous night in Camp Dominion history, when Keith was shut down in the middle of his message because it was too truthful, convicting, and uncomfortable for the leaders… As we listened, my friend and I gained a valuable insight into how these men, whom we revered, were indeed like us, flesh and blood, and rather than place them on a pedestal, we should be grateful for the grace that carries us all along through our faults and foibles. I look forward to that day in Heaven when I can renew my acquaintance with both Keith and Eldridge, men who from the human perspective passed well before their time, but whose days were known and numbered by God, and the work He did through them, known and unknown, was out of proportion to the fewness of their days.

  10. Keith Says:

    In high school Keith’s father, Harvey, was one of my teachers and his girlfriend, J, and my girlfriend were best friends. Keith was writing and playing rock n roll while trying to find his spot in music. There was a time when Keith told his girlfriend that he wanted to date other girls. Later when my girlfriend and I had broke up I went out with J and had an affair. The next day at school J told Keith and he came to me and said “I know what you did and I’m going to hate you the rest of my life”. Many years later I went to see him in concert and went back stage to speak with him. He forgave me for what I did and we became friends again as kept in touch til his death. I sat with his folks and J at the memorial to Keith. There is more to say, but I’m glad just to have known him.

  11. Suzanne Says:

    Keith Green’s anointed music first became well known about the same time I was born. Being blessed with Christian parents, I was fortunate enough to get to hear and enjoy his music from my todler years until early childhood. His music had a peaceful and profound impact on me and I remember, as a six year old, the news report of his death in that small airplane and how saddened I was. Years and years later, on into my twenties, I saw his album put on cd while shopping and immediately grabbed it. I took it home and listened to it. It was amazing…like a homecoming. I was in awe that I knew every word and melody…a testament to how powerful his music really is. So when I want to do some powerful heart felt worshipping to my Saviour, I put on some of Keith Green’s music and let his and my voices rise to the Heavens. Thanks and God bless..

  12. Bob Says:

    I once hear a song by him when I attended Willow Creek Church about our tears, but I can’ t find it anywhere. I have to say I will not forget this man that was and is bless by our Lord

  13. Don Morris Says:

    I came to the Lord in 1979 at New Hope Baptist Church, Fayetteville, GA. Back then it was cool to be born again but after a year or so of growth I wanted to grow deeper and to make a difference. It was about that time I was introduced to Keith Green’s ministry & music. His music helped point me in the direction I was looking for, a deeper and more relevant Christian life. I just don’t think I would be the same person I am today without Keith’s music. I’ve served God uninterrupted now for 35 years. I credit a lot of my grounding in the faith to Keith’s impact in my life. I will be forever grateful.

  14. Cindy Martin Says:

    Where to begin. One of friends from church was friends with Keith. He took me to one of Keith’s concerts and I felt more emotions in that single concert than I have ever felt anywhere else. Then after the concert, when most people left, I got the chance to meet Keith while he talked with my friend Wayne (who went on to become a Pastor). I did not know that this was the beginning of my own friendship with Keith as well. I quickly learned that Keith had a deep love for Jesus, and he wanted to share that with everyone he met. Years later, I began helping as a volunteer at a local Christian radio station WJTL that was in it’s early years. While helping at the Jesus festival and at Creation I found myself once again having conversations with Keith about spiritual issues. The amazing thing about Keith was that he always remembered who I was when we would meet. He seemed to do that with everyone. You were only a stranger the first time you met. I have every record and I knew every word to every song. As a youth leader, the kids that rode in my vehicle were always treated to Keith’s songs when we traveled. When we would load up, some of the kids would yell out “I’m riding in the Keith Green car” and everyone knew exactly who’s car that was. I still sing Keith’s songs and know they are based on Biblical truths. I sure do miss Keith, and look forward to seeing him again some day.

  15. Michelle Says:

    I came to know Christ at 16 thanks largely to Keith Green’s music and the book No Compromise. The absolute sincerity of his love for God, totally moved me. My whole life changed then, I was totally and utterly in love with Christ. I remember listening to Keith’s music as I was traveling I was overwhelmed with Gods love. That was 24 years ago now, I recently read the book No Compromise again and have been renewed in my faith, I am completely aching to be closer to Christ. I am so tired of lies and hypocrites, I really felt that Keith loves the same God that I know. I no longer felt alone. Keith inspires me daily, I thank God he showed me his great heart through Keith’s life.

  16. DAVID Says:

    His crucifixion with Christ was what marked him and defined
    Him. Christ was magnified in his body. This is what made all the

  17. Debbie Lutton Says:

    First introduced to Keith’s music while living in ElPaso,Tx at Jesus Chapel. His music still ministers to both myself and husband and our now adult kids! In fact I keep one of the CDs in the car. His music remains unique .

  18. Victoria Crow Says:

    Hi I would like to share that when I became a christian in the late 70s I remember a Keith green concert and some of his music I don’t think he was fasinating to me at that time many years went by and this year I wanted the fire and the passion to be restored to me that I lost along the way I started looking up Christian artist from the 70s Larry Norman stone hill Phil keagy Carmen then Keith green and 35yrs later found him fascinating and inspirational passion but mostly his honesty rejuvenated My soul and I can’t. Stop listening to Keith and just thanking God for his Honesty which has restored me to a greater love for my lord Jesus Christ and honesty to really see Jesus ,I’m so very grateful to God for giving us a man like Keith who brings to mind king David who sang to the lord and was a man after Gods own heart chosen as Keith was chosen and gave until god said Come home now your job is done my son(teardrop) thankyou

  19. John Pilon Says:

    Man, I am so glad I found this site. I became a christian in 1979. My sister Juanita gave me some of Keith’s music and I loved it. Over the years I stopped listening to him. Just about a month ago I found 2 cassettes in my wifes car. I began playing them and now I can’t stop.
    Listening to both cassettes,”So You Want to Go Back to Egypt” and ” The Ministry Years” have moved me in a deep and profound way. I am so falling in love with Jesus more than ever and seeking sanctification and holiness like never before. I’m worried I might wear out the tapes.
    Here is where the story gets really good. I shared this with my sister, Bernadette. She told me she and my sister Juanita and her husband Joe went to one of Keith’s concerts at Catalina HS in Tucson AZ about 1979. They were able to spend time with Keith and Melody after the concert and talk with each other. My sister Bernadette said she gave her heart to Jesus during that encounter and Keith led her in the Sinner’s Prayer. How special is that!!! Man, led to the Lord by Keith Green. Quite a memorable experience. I am so thankful for how Jesus used him, and frankly continues to.
    It is so true that Keith Green’s ministry lives on today. How miraculous it is for this ministry to still have the kind of impact seen in the letters on this website.

  20. Bonnie Srteets Says:

    I have always loved Keith’s music since the first time I heard his song Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful. Melody Green for making it possible for people to download yours and Keith’s life story. I have put it on 2 C Ds so I can listen to it when I need a pick me up. I really listened to it a lot before and after the surgery that I had to have on December 17th, 2015. I need assurance that God would be there during the surgery. I listened to the Scripture Songs and I took Rejoice in the Lord and again I say Rejoice. Keith has a way that I can just take me out of the world and hear what I can receive a message from the Lord that I don’t get anyway other .

  21. Bonnie Srteets Says:

    I take and listen to Keith’s music when I need to find time alone to hear the word of God. He has several songs that speak to me.

  22. Don (From Muskegon Michigan) Says:

    Long ago I recall hearing that some singer would be at the Fruenthal center downtown. Didn’t know much about him but it was a Christian concert, so that sounded like a good idea. I had found a great church where people tried to take obeying God seriously, and it spawned a heart of searching for a more intimate relationship with Christ.

    So, I went to the concert and was overwhelmed by the songs and the heart of a man who was trying to obey God.

    After the concert, people began to leave, but a few went up onto the platform / stage to greet him. He stayed there talking with people so I had to go up there. Someone walked up and asked for an autograph. He declined and said the concert was to God, and he wouldn’t accept having himself glorified that way. That impressed me and was an encouragement. I had the chance to shake hands and thank him for what he had done. After we talked a moment, I stepped back. Another person asked for an autograph, but now I knew what his answer was going to be.

    Some months later I was self employed and sent to him a letter of appreciation. I told them I didn’t have money to buy a cassette, but would if when I could. They sent me one free. I remember being totally shocked and floored by that kindness… and knew something was authentic. I wore out at least a couple “No Compromise” cassettes… but never could part with the worn out old ones… so they are still laying around in spite of having bought CD’s years later.

    Yes, Keith is well remembered as I am not the first to say here. Still, it is of value to acknowledge how he touched my heart as well that day so long ago.

    Later, a friend was to go with me to Grand Rapids to one of the memorial concerts. We had a flat tire and ended up so late we couldn’t get in. Some group was picketing that concert… and we stood outside in pain listening to would be concert goers “arguing” with picketers who objected to his music as if it was merely worldly music with a Jesus stamp on it. Much later, I finally had the chance to discover that Melody & LDM had put the memorial concert recording online to give those of us who couldn’t get in… a taste of what was shared. A huge thank you to LDM and Melody for having done that … ministering to so many yet again.

    May God continue to be glorified by this servant who is long gone, yet ministers after his passing even now years later. If Elvis can entertain years after his death, it makes sense that God could / would use his servants as the authentic use … a far better choice than the world’s counterfeit. Thank you God for how you’ve blessed our lives.


  23. Kevin Says:

    First heard about Keith Green in 1979 when a field mechanic at an oilfield shop plugged a cassette in his car and said you gotta listen to this! After that wasn’t very aware of what he was doing except that I knew he had become a megastar. In 1982 I remember reports of the plane crash coming in and I remember wow, that’s Keith Green, I remember him. A year later, leaving college, I walked into a book store in the local mall in San Angelo, Tx and saw a tract that said “Children, things we throw away?” And I was initially taken aback by the message, but I Knew it was a message I needed to hear, and as a result a decision was made and a life was saved. Then I walked over and was looking at cassette Christian albums, I had Keith’s greatest hits in my hand and a guy named Andrew walked up (one of the serious Jesus freaks from school) and said this is the one you need, it will really bless you, he had a huge smile and he pointed to Keith’s album. That started it, was blown away by all of it, the love, intensity, transparency. And I listened to Keith’s stuff non stop for years. I have read both versions of “No Compromise” at least 3 times all the way through and it always is a reset for me, a call to get close to the Lord. I never met or saw Keith but a couple of months ago met a couple who had met him and the lady was still mad because he made her baby cry in church which was kinda funny. Anyway he is my single biggest Christian influence, period. I still look up to him, – Thanks Keith!