Personal Encounters

Share with us your memory of a personal interaction with Keith.
(please keep it positive)

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  1. Laura Says:

    I remember stuff like him wanting to carry our mockingbird around the house on his head (like a nest), and getting pooped on. How he “kidnapped” my jar of wisdom teeth after I had them pulled and, fascinated by how big they were, had to be sure that everyone in the house saw them before he gave them back. I remember losing the hearing in one of my ears after a bad infection, and how they were healed after Keith prayed.
    -Laura LDM staffer

  2. Linda Says:

    Linda Lehmann here. Just went to the site. I love it!!! What an inspired idea! I have one little known fact about Keith for you. When we first met him at the house in LA he and Danny talked for hours about their likes and dislikes seeing what they had in common. Turns out they both hated nuts in their brownies, and both only like one kind of toothpaste-Crest regular. Keith was so sure that they were going to change the formula he had a shelf full of the stuff-just in case!!!!!

  3. Rose T Says:

    I remember packing the new “Songs for the Shepherd” album with our new album packing machine. We had a pile of orders to fill, and it was about 2:00 in the morning. Keith came “bopping” out (he never walked, he “bopped”) to see how it was going. Keith loved new, innovative equipment, and he had to see how the new machine was working (not very well at the time, unfortunately!) He would turn up anywhere at unexpected times, just because he was so inquisitive and wanted to be involved in everything…just because he loved it! I also remember (can anyone else verify that this really happened, and it’s not something I dreamt up?!) that at housemeeting one night, Keith showed up with half of his beard shaved off! He as posing for one of the newsletters, I think….Creation vs Evolution. Does anyone else remember this?

  4. Lori (Hansen) Austill Says:

    My family joined Last Days when I was 15 and I babysat Keith and Melody’s kids. I remember the house meetings very well and one in particular when Keith shared his last album with us before it was actually released. He played every song for us and asked for our input. I remember how excited he was as he explained each song and the message he hoped to convey through it. I can still picture the twinkle in his eye that evening. He was a “real Christian”. Nothing artificial or religious about him – it was just obvious that he lived a life of “No Compromise”. What an example for a growing teen!

  5. danny Says:

    I first met Keith when I received a phone call when I lived in Santa Cruz, California and was promoting Christian evangelistic concerts. Keith asked me to set up a concert within two weeks, so that he could witness to his foster daughter’s mother through the concert. Since we already had a concert going, I declined. Keith then, with his characteristic intensity, pressed on me to do it anyway. While I said, “I already have another concert going, let’s do it sometime in the future”, he continued to press and said, “What, haven’t you ever heard of me?” I said, “To tell you the truth, I saw your picture once in a Christian magazine and that’s it!” He said, “I’m the number one gospel singer in America and you haven’t heard of me? But this is what you should do: go down to the Christian bookstore, buy my album, and listen to it once. If you don’t get a vision for the concert, I’ll stop bugging you.” He also agreed to pay for the album!

    I went to the store, listened to the music, caught the vision and we had a wonderful concert in which people were saved and, as was characteristic of Keith’s meetings, people were deeply convicted with weeping and tears at the alter.

    This began a relationship between Keith and I in which my wife, Linda and I almost moved to Texas to join Last Days Ministries, but were led by the Lord to join YWAM instead.

    During that time I remember another encounter with Keith. We were lying on the floor, with our faces toward the ceiling, waiting for copies of the third Last Days Ministries newsletter to be printed on Sparrow Records printing press. In the midst of an otherwise casual conversation, Keith’s head popped up off the floor about six inches and said, “Danny, tell me the truth, what did you think of me when you first met me?” I said, “Do you want the truth?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “You came across to me as being full of pride.” He put his head back down on the floor and said, “Well, you don’t have the number one and number two gospel albums in America and not have a problem with pride!”

    It was this type of brutal honesty and a willingness to struggle with eternal issues that made Keith so special. It came across in his songs, but also in the relationships with the people that he was close to.

    Once, while riding in the backseat of a car from a wonderful move of God during a Keith Green concert in Riverside, we were driving back to Woodland Hills with Buck Herring (leader of the Second Chapter of Acts band) driving and Keith in the passenger. I sat in the back and observed two very strong, intense personalities in a heated argument about whether or not Christians should charge money for their concerts. Buck, as an older, wiser man was simply trying to reason with Keith about the dangers of the extreme position he was taking. However, at the end of the 90 minute ride, Keith had won Buck over to his position and Second Chapter of Acts never again charged for concerts, but took offerings-and God prospered them as he did with Keith.

    Living in Hawaii, working with YWAM on July 28, 1982 a friend called and let me know about the plane crash that took Keith’s life. My wife and I went to the beach and stared at the ocean for two straight days, hardly saying a word but just remembering our friend who loved Jesus so much and whose life was cut so short. The “why?” questions always remain, but we leave those answers in the hands of our Heavenly Father and I suppose someday we will know even as we are known. Since then, we have never stopped listening to Keith’s music and continue to be edified every time we hit the “on” button.

    Thank you Lord for Keith and the short time he was with us and how he has affected so many of us and others around the world. Amen.

    Danny Lehmann

  6. Heidi (Brackin) Cancelleri Says:

    Wow, blessings to you all, Unfortunately, I never met Keith, but the Lord led me to serve as a volunteer for LDM a month after the plane crash. I was there for 2 months and helped in the kitchen (with Pam) and took care of little Rebecca and many of the other children. I loved the prayer meetings with Leonard Ravenhill on Fridays (we were released to go after we finished our kitchen duties – which we often had help to speed up the process!) While at LDM, I learned the most from the Lord thru doing the most lowly tasks, especially cleaning the toilets. I just remember that when I left LDM, I wanted to clean toilets everywhere, just so I could have more intimate times with Jesus – really he would show himself very near to me while I did those things. Rebecca also endeared my heart, as she would reach out and hug me when I took care of her. Those were my early Christian roots which I am most thankful.

  7. Jamie (Miller) Williams Says:

    I remember Keith used like this diet drink similar to Slimfast, it was a chocolate flavor. He got a few of us hooked on it and said he would keep buying it for us if we would keep using it.

  8. Rebekah Frankil Says:

    I played in a group called Immanuel. We were young Jewish believers many saved in the mid 70’s.We played on the early days of “The 700 club” and at many evangelistic tours of Art Katz, Jews for Jesus and Messianic conferences throughtout the US. A very close friend of mine, Joe Zucker, temporarily left us to join Keith’s ministry. Joe was a wonderful artist and designed for Dysney films as well as the Beatles. He was recruted by Keith to design his album cover ” No compremise” which he beautifully did.We all loved keith and listened to his music constantly. What stunned us all is that after the album cover had been completed Joe returned home and told us that Keith played our Immanuel tape every day throughout the ministry house and wouldn’t allow any other music to be played(Keith’s of course was an exception). We thank God for the small ways we may have been a blessing in his timely life as well as those in Keith’s ministry.

  9. Quinn Says:

    I never actually met Keith. However, one time when I was about ten or so I heard my Dad listening to Keith and started singing the song, and when asked how I knew the song, I said I had heard him play it once. The funny thing was, when my parents last saw him, I was in my mom’s belly. I have always had a connection with Keith’s music and mission on a deep spiritual level, and as I am 28 this month, I thought it fitting to leave a comment saying what he has meant to me.

  10. Chuck Martinson Says:

    One of the encounters I remember with Keith was,when He felt a call to do some concerts somewhere,whether it was in CYA (California Youth Authority) or a Church, or the series of concerts in Oklahoma, or wherever.It was (never) about money for Keith. In fact, I remember the policy he believed God wanted the ministry to have, of not charging for the gospel.It freaked other people in ministries out.and I’m sure it wasn’t for veryone to do.But it was so evident that God honored Keith with seemed like no issues on the need for support.I even remember when this sister wanted a cassette of Keiths music, but said she didn’t even have anything to play it on, so Keith said to get her tape player to be able to play it on.we,who knew Keith,knew just like we were, and are not perfect, knew one thing for sure. He was sold out to Jesus. And that I believe is a major prerequisite to God both empowering, and using a believer. To this day, I still am touched by the life of Keith Green. And will never forget how much he did, and still does impact my life. I miss him still, and long for that day to see him in glory.

  11. Glenn Dixon Says:

    One day my wife and I were driving from Georgetown to the Dallas area and we heard a news item on the radio about a plane crash in east Texas. The details were sketchy, but our hearts sank. Somehow we knew Keith was gone, even though we were unable to confirm it until later. On our next day off we drove to the LDM facilities and somehow managed to find the nearby church and cemetery where Keith was buried. It still had the flower arrangements from Mike Warnke and other musicians around the grave. It helped us cope to be there.

    Now, flash forward several years. New wife and I were on one of our frequent drives through the countryside and I was giving her a tour of the Lindale area. We drove around and stopped by the cemetery. It was my second and last visit. As I took her through I made my way to the far corner where I remembered his grave site to be. But someone was there, a woman, and she was leaning on a headstone and it looked like she was thinking or perhaps praying so we kept our distance and looked at other headstones a short distance away. She left shortly afterwards and we then made our way to that corner of the graveyard and I was rather starteled to discover that Keith’s headstone just happened to be the one that the woman had been leaning on. Was that Melody? I looked up but she had already left. What kind of strange coincidence was this? What were the odds? And then I looked at the headstone and all became clear.

    Somehow I had managed to visit Keith’s grave on the 10th anniversary of his death.

    I later emailed LDM and apologized to her for the interruption, and she later graciously replied and we had a brief correspondence exchange. The last time I saw her she and her children were at a Christian concert venue in Euless, TX (FootLoose) and her kids were playing video games. It was surreal to see her and talk to her in person, though very briefly.

    Those are my memories

  12. Gayle Terry Says:

    When i lived in Hawaii starting in 1975 and on, I shared the stage a number of times with Keith. I was leading worship, playing piano on stage before he came up. I felt like he was a prophet for our day and for the future with his music. The words in his music were so for conviction, for our future in how to live our lives before the Lord. I have all his albums (signed) and all the CDs available. I so mourned his death but trust that God has made good out of this tragedy. I can’t wait to see you again Keith Green. I hope you are writing much more music. 🙂

  13. Barb Says:

    Keith played a concert in our town in Iowa. What a blessing. My husband & I were the ones @ our church that took care of artists after a concert & even tho it wasn’t @ our church , we just asked him if they wanted to hang out. Melody & Keith said yes & we went through the McDonald’s drive thru & took it back to the motel. We just clicked, were praising God on the awesome concert & all God was doing. We had been in a christian band for a few years & understood the impact it makes. We remember Keith jumping on the bed, now I think it was that he was just hyper because of the move of God on the concert & we were just rejoicing. It was such a great memory & am sooo thankful we had the honor to fellowship in the Lord w/ them for just a couple hours. God is good & he is still missed. What an impact to watch his videos on Youtube…who would have known 25 years later we can still see him sing. 🙂

  14. Peggy - Rapid City South Dakota Says:

    God’s anointing was and is still so strong in Keith’s music.
    I remember heading to work and I had one of Keith’s tapes playing in the car.
    When I got to work a friend asked me if I had heard that Keith Green had been killed in a plane crash?
    I hadn’t heard yet- but what astounded me was that I was just listening to There is a Redeemer and the verse that says When I stand in glory, I shall see His face and there I’ll serve my King forever in that holy place. I was just awe struck at the thought that Keith was doing that now.
    The fire and passion that Keith had for the Lord was so real and I am so blessed and thankful to have been able to experience that through his music and also through the Last Days news letter.

  15. Joyce (Ball) Hawkins Says:

    Just after graduating from high school in 1975 in Ventura, California, I used to go to a coffee-house called Cornerstone Coffee House. It was on Front Street, on the Westside of town. I’m not positive, but I think that Keith Green came and played there once. I know that all who were involved in running that coffeehouse had a great impact on my Christian walk. This was around the time with Keith’s song about “manna-burgers” came out. 🙂

  16. Cyrus Mohammad Says:

    It was Keith’s life, convictions and music that has impacted me more than anything else in my life. His life showed me that Jesus is faithful and loves us as his children. I still struggle in my walk but it is Keith’s music that opens my eyes to see the true nature of Jesus. I hope I make it to heaven someday. And if I do, I want to meet Keith and personally thank him. Unbelievable what God can do to an obedient servant.

  17. Bryson Says:

    I am 23 years old and first heard of Keith through my mentor Keith.
    I listened to “How can they live without Jesus” and it messed me up so bad. In a good way.
    I felt Jesus’ heart through his words. The touch on the music is what does it for me. I have read about him and can say that he has impacted me deeply. I am going through the hardest time in my life right now, and knowing that someone lived so sold out to God’s call encourages me to be a radical lover and to passionatly pursue music with Jesus. I feel as if I’ve met Keith before, and I consider him a dear brother.

  18. Jennifer Goggin Says:

    This is not a memory specifically to Keith, but more the effect he still has on me, and not sure of the end result, but he’s caused my heart to soften toward religion. My Dad was a pastor, started children’s ministies, faithful to God throughout multiple hardships. Throughout my childhood and adult life- I’ve experienced all these hardships and watched Dad get knocked around only to not curse God or turn his back. Dad was diagnosed with early Alzheimers- lost his job, lost his family (meaning he doesnt know us), cannot communicate, cannot show emotion, hes a shell. This has turned me pretty bitter about religion and God. Not been to church in years. Last Sunday the radio station I listen to changed programming and a Christian program was on. All of the sudden Soften Your Heart came on. I knew every word, and all I could see/think about was how my dorky Dad would dance around and sing. Dad loved Keith–so here this heathen is listening to the song, singing every word like I heard it the day before. So I’ve downloaded the album, while I may not totally change, it reminded me and made me smile. My heart is softening a bit….Thank you Keith.

  19. Jim Craft Says:

    Rosie T, I have a photocopied pic of him in a half beard someone copied for me while at the ministry in the Fall of 1990. Apparently he would walk past someone’s office one way shaved and then the other way with a beard to see if they would notice!

  20. Alfons Says:

    I was reading the extract notes of Melody Green no compromise I stumbled on them by accident but later on found why I had been struggling with my walk with the lord up and down
    and disscouraged after i read the notes of melody how they had a revival at their meeting it really stirred me in my spirit like the lord put a spark back in my heart and i never want to loose it.
    I remember reading the notes over and over again the lord then spoke to me and said give them to your pastor to read and that following sunday he spoke on the no compromise
    by keith green and how he used the scripture about breaking up the fallow ground that he had read in Charles Finneys book

    Were beleiving for a revival in our church that god will soften our hearts

    your Vrother in christ

    Alfons Hagen

    Melbourne Australia

  21. Cynthia Sanderson Says:

    I remember when I was a young girl, Keith came to our church in Medford, Or. At Faith Bible Center, to perform and worship with us. He was so full of life. I remember during one of his songs he brought me up on stage and sat me on his lap as he played. I know for a fact that the love he had for Jesus then and there changed me. I love how he inspired me to just let go and freely worship the Lord. I have shared his music with my daughters and they in turn can feel the conviction and truth of Keiths songs. He trully was a prophet in his day and he is greatly missed. I too hope that he is writing more in heaven and I look forward to the day when I can see him again.

  22. Christina Van Male Says:

    When my husband and I gave our hearts to Christ in ’77 we were 18 yrs old, new parents, and a long way from home in the military. No money, but a deep hunger for learning about and pleasing our Father, LDM became a steady diet in our household and our lives would never be the same…thankfully. We are so grateful for the life-giving deposit in our lives as we learned, not only from the written teachings and much appreciated and ministering music, but also by the practical lesson of giving with an open heart and hand as was LDM practice. That has been something that has followed us throughout our 35 yrs of marriage, raising our children, and in serving others. We are a living testament to the investment of others in our lives, most certainly Keith Green and those who served @ LDM, helping to set that firm foundation that cannot be shaken through God’s Word. We give thanks to God for LDM’s brothers and sisters who helped to “feed and clothe” us in our very humble beginnings in the Faith…and to Keith and Melody – no compromise.

  23. Bob Says:

    I met Keith at Teen Chalenge. He was touring in the east.He was shareing with me what to do if Josiah woke up. I had the joy of baby siting. Keith Melody and the team went to have supper before the concert in the T.C. gym.

  24. Gavin Swinamer Says:

    This is not a memory specifically to Keith, but more the effect he still has on me, and not sure of the end result, but he’s caused my heart to soften toward religion. My Dad was a pastor, started children’s ministies, faithful to God throughout multiple hardships. Throughout my childhood and adult life- I’ve experienced all these hardships and watched Dad get knocked around only to not curse God or turn his back. Dad was diagnosed with early Alzheimers- lost his job, lost his family (meaning he doesnt know us), cannot communicate, cannot show emotion, hes a shell. This has turned me pretty bitter about religion and God. Not been to church in years. Last Sunday the radio station I listen to changed programming and a Christian program was on. All of the sudden Soften Your Heart came on. I knew every word, and all I could see/think about was how my dorky Dad would dance around and sing. Dad loved Keith–so here this heathen is listening to the song, singing every word like I heard it the day before. So I’ve downloaded the album, while I may not totally change, it reminded me and made me smile. My heart is softening a bit….Thank you Keith.

  25. Jerry Balswick Says:

    I live in Turlock Ca. And in the early seventies I put on a concert ,having Randy Stonehill,Barry McGuire and Ron Turner as the evangelist . The afternoon before the concert Randy And Kieth Green whom I had not meet before, got into a argument. I asked Randy what the problem was and he said Kieth wanted to play that evening. Randy said Keith was not a beliver and was concerned. I said ,what does he do and Randy said he plays the piano. I said well let’s let him play but we would not give him a microphone. So we had Kieth open the concert followed by Barry,Randy and Ron . Years later I read that Kieth gave his life to Lord,in a book he wrought ,he mention it being Modesto but was really in Turlock. By the way Keith brought the house down with the piano. It was a night I will never forget. Jerry Balswick

  26. Barbara Gaynor Says:

    I am 54 now and still after all these years, I still put on one of Keith’s songs and weep with joy that God has given Keith a ministry that lives on even still after he has passed in to a life of eternity with God the Father! I was like Keith , a wild hurt abused teenager trying to kill the pain I had endured growing up in an abusive family! When I heard that Altar call song Keith sang I knew I was adopted into God’s family and all my pain and sorrow was gone and I knew all my sin was forgiven through Christ’s righteousness and through his blood he shed for us on the cross and I think of Keith as my brother and I too have sent the song he wrote to his parents to my family ( I only want to see you there) and still share Jesus’s love with my family to this day. I am a Reformed Presbyterian, and what sets us apart is that in corporate worship we only sing Gods Psalms and with out instruments but the rest of the week I would be listening to Keith’s music. For several years I have been living in Cairo and have been able to share Keith’s music and hopes and dreams and of spreading Jesus’ s love and have been able to share it with the people of Southern Sudan and I had the opportunity to be able to climb Mount Moses , in the Sinai and read and dedicate Isaiah 53 to Keith. Many Jewish people have come to Faith after reading about Jesus in the old testament! I just have this feeling if he was alive to day he would have wanted to come to Africa himself and share his music and Faith and I am looking forward to the day we all can be together again ,as a family and worship our Father in Spirit and Truth!!! I will listen to Keith’s call; to go to the Hungry ones and that only goodness and kindness should flow from my children and to obey is better than sacrifice!! Love you my brother Barbara!!!

  27. Dean Spooner Says:

    As a teenager, I had ventured into a Christian book store and bought “Songs For the Shepherd,” my 1st “christian” album. I didn’t know any Christian music other than hymns. I wanted something rich & deep in the Word, and this seemed like it – also because of the album notice that stated I didn’t even need to pay for it. Well I did, but that really impressed me that Keith Green was not in this for the money. Keith’s singing the Scriptures and of Law & Gospel really strengthened me along with the preaching and sacrament at my congregation in these the worldly days of my youth. I am a “Bible-believing” Lutheran pastor now over 15 years. To God be the praise in Christ!

  28. Teri Cornwall Says:

    Thank God for Keith! His lyrics had a way of reaching people with messed up homelives so that we could see that Jesus wasn’t just one way but THE WAY. My family was a mess but Keith was there to sing peace and love into my life. At 16 I felt a strong call on my life to become a missionary but by 18 in 1987 I walked away from church and being a Christian. Life became disposable to me and love was something that was in the movies. Reality was all around me and I realized that my life and problems were so tiny compared to the world that wanted to eat me alive. My heart still belonged to Jesus but I was ruled by the world. Then at 29 I felt a strong desire to walk into a Christian bookstore. I was married, pregnant and 30 was coming up fast. Life was becoming more real than just pain and heartache and there in that bookstore was an old friend on the front of an album. I bought up each Keith Green cassette I could find and rededicated my life to the Lord. No, life hasn’t always been easy since, but I found out “you can run to the end of the highway and not find what you’re looking for” and that “to find yourself you’ve got to start right here.” For me it was at a bookstore in the Keith Green section. And both of my kids love Keith’s music. Keith went home far too soon but Jesus is still touching lives through his music even generations later.

  29. Jonathan VanLoan Says:

    I was very blessed to be used by the Lord in helping to facilitate Keith & the brothers & sisters coming to Oral Roberts University for a series of concerts in the Spring of 1979 during which the Holy Spirit changed many lives. One day, he asked me what I wanted to be and when I said “a lawyer”, he looked at me indignantly & blurted; “Why don’t you just make tents!” In retrospect, he was right. I would have been much better off making tents! All praise to the Lamb that was slain!

  30. Bill Proulx Says:

    I was working backstage at one of the very first Creation festivals in Pennsylvania where Keith ministered. At the beginning of his concert he told the audience that if one more picture was taken he would stop the concert. He was there to give glory to God not take it for himself. I felt a little uncomfortable as I escorted the official photographer to the side of the stage so that he could take a few pictures. I tried to get Keith’s attention and indicate through hand gestures that this guy was OK. I don’t know if he ever saw me but the concert went on.

    Backstage Keith met with the founder of the festival who was trying to change the financial agreement that they had. Keith was clearly not pleased but not because of the money. He said, “just pay me whatever you think is fair.” I think he was unhappy with a brother in Christ not honoring his word, but that is just my opinion, I did not speak with Keith.

    I am a pastor today in large part because of the influence of Keith’s ministry. As I write this I am listening to one of his songs. I was in the armory at Andrews Air Force Base where I was stationed and serving in the Security Police field as an armorer when I learned of his death. He left such a void that I eventually took the step to go into ministry to try to help make up for his loss in a small way. I can’t wait to worship with him in heaven.

  31. Jemima Says:

    I have never had an encounter with him personally. I recently saw his picture on the internet when I was reading about him. I was shocked he died a long time ago around the time i was born. his music lives on in my heart and will forever remember him.

  32. Jimmy Says:

    I never met Keith, but his music impacted me so much as a teenager back in 2003. My friends used to make fun of me for listening to the music. For me it wasn’t the music, it was the authenticity in it that drew me. I felt so surrounded by half christians myself included, but the music helped to inspire authenticity into my life.

  33. Thommy Sides Says:

    I believe it was in April of 1982 that I saw Keith live in concert in Columbia, S.C. My Christian room-mate, and I drove from Charleston to see him perform. My buddy Jerry was a good baptist boy, and loved the Lord. I had turned him on to Keith’s music, and now we would both get a chance to actually see the man himself in action.
    I remember we sat in the balcony of a rather large indoor stadium….I’m sure it sat more than 5 thousand – maybe as much as 10. It was about 60% full…maybe more. I do remember that the balcony had lots of seating left, but the downstairs was basically full.
    Getting a birds eye view on the concert was great. I don’t remember everything that day. I wish I had recorded the event, as I’m sure many others only wish they had too. I think we all thought we would always have Keith around, so why worry.
    Anyway… what I remember most of that night strangely enough…is the altar call he gave. I had gone to bible school myself, and was versed on what made a good altar call. I prided myself on my own altar calls, and even had taught other students what I knew, but boy… I sure learned a thing or two from Keith that night!
    He gave the best, most passionate altar call I have ever seen…even in these 30 odd years after his death – I’ve never seen God move in such a way as He did that fateful night.
    Usually a preacher just invites everyone to come forward who needs salvation or rededication…and that’s about it, and they always do the altar call only after first taking up the offering.
    Keith did the whole thing a different way.
    First: He spoke tenderly to those who were lost, and with great love, respect, and passion; invited them all to come forward….and many many did.
    Then… he invited all the Christians who were backsliden to come forward. He said things like…”Man…we’ve all blown it….Jesus knows that none of us is perfect” “Come up tonight and give your whole entire being to God” “Give yourself away tonight!” Soon…hundreds more came forward….many in tears, falling to their Knee’s as Keith stood on stage with mic in hand….looking in full command, but I’m sure he was overwhelmed by the response he was getting.
    Then he spoke only to those who had come forward. He sent the ones who needed Christ as Savior off to a room across the arena to be prayed for etc. He then sent the ones who wanted a fresh new start in Christ to another room. I’m sure the consulars were overwhelmed in dealing with so many people. Maybe close to half the auditorium was emptied out by his altar call.
    After this Keith paused a bit, and then spoke with authority into his mic saying… There are now only two groups of people left in this arena tonight. The first group are my honored guests….and what I’m about to say. Well, your not a part of, and I want you to just set back and relax…we only hope you go away tonight blessed and will consider once again inviting Christ into your life.
    Then he said… I’m talking to all you who have decided tonight – not to accept Jesus into your hearts. I love you with the love of Jesus, and what were about to do… Please don’t feel you have to take part…your my special guest.
    Then pointing out and up into the large crowd still left he said. Christians! Brother’s and Sister’s….it’s your job…your responsibility to take Christ into the World and to make Him known. Those of you who are left here tonight…you are the mature ones…..the one’s who are right before God! If you are grown up in the Lord, and consider yourself one with Him…then please consider sowing into our ministry. It’s our job to get things done….not the unbelievers, and you who are here tonight and who do not believe….please don’t feel you have to give. I say it again…you are our special honored guests. Jesus commanded the church to give….not the world! He doesn’t want money from those who are hurting, but from those who are whole, and who want to see His Holy Name lifted up!
    This is only a paraphrase of what he said that night. How can a memory of 31 years freeze frame every word, but this was the Spirit of his message. That the lost and the backsliden should not have to help pay for, or give to his ministry. It was the job of the “Mature Christian, and Church member”
    I remember I was hurting financially then…as I only had a low level job, but I gave Keith everything I had that night…a $20 bill, and no… I didn’t think to use the money to buy any of his albums. Which by the way we could get for free if we wanted. I really wanted to help promote such a fine man and wonderful ministry.
    My friend was speechless and very excited. I wanted to go up and shake Keith’s hand, but he was surrounded by throngs of well wisher’s etc. We just stood there in the back by the door….breathed in the fresh spiritual air once more, and then walked out to the car.
    I knew most of Keith’s songs by heart, and so we sang some of them in the car on the long 3 hour drive back home. During the concert Keith never mentioned one word of speaking in tongues or being Spirit-Filled, but on the way back, as we were singing and praising God…my solid baptist friend Jerry
    starting speaking in another language. His face glowed like an Angel of God and both of us were on cloud 9at least…maybe on cloud 11…ha ha!
    That was the anointing Keith Green had! He didn’t even have to teach on a subject like tongues, and people got zapped! Keith walked in his anointing….and his ministry anointing; I’m sure did many more “Non- Recorded” things…then we will ever know….this side of heaven.
    Now…finally, over 30 years later…I’m now coming out with my own debut Christian CD Album called, “Stranded No More” It’s got a small glimmer of who Keith was I’m sure…his anointing too….is the kind that sticks like glue! Please keep our album in your prayers, and visit us on Facebook.
    No one can ever take the place of Keith Green, but I hope his style of Altar Call will be used again by the body of Christ. Somehow we need to reach the unreachable….and I think Keith was doing a wonderful job, at doing just that! I never imagined back then that one day in a very small way I’d be following in his footsteps with my own Gospel Album. I’m now in my early 50’s but Keith taught us that life is wonderfully beautiful and each day is a gift of God. Whether we start late, or leave early…that’s in God’s hands, but let’s each make every day count…let’s not be…asleep in the light!

  34. Sharon Rondeau Says:

    I had never heard of Keith Green until this past Resurrection Day when I was looking for inspirational music by which to write an Easter message. Upon doing a YouTube search, I first found “He’s Alive” by Don Francisco, then the many videos of “Keith Green” popped up. I remember wondering who he was and why I had never seen his name before. I heard his Easter Song in its full glory for the very first time, playing it over and over again as well as his other astoundingly beautiful and timeless compositions and those of his wife.

    I grew up in the Northeast a few years behind Keith and Melody and became a Christian in 1978. I used to watch The 700 Club and listen to CBN after my children were born but I don’t think I ever saw Keith Green. After all of these years, I am so blessed to have been able to learn about his life and music.

    As a professional but not specifically Christian musician, Keith’s talent was immediately apparent to me. Never having composed music seriously but having studied for many years and played at many different types of engagements over a musical career, I can appreciate and admire how truly gifted he was. What he did was nothing less than bring the power of the Word of God to people wherever he performed in an amazing combination of ear training, technique, improvisation, vocal talent, and a sense of humor and always humility. With his recordings now on the internet, his musical ministry is available to people all over the world.

    Keith’s music has awakened in me a passion for Christ and the Lord which have been there since 1978 but overshadowed at times by mundane things which are not important. I am devastated that this gifted young man died so young with his dear friends and two beautiful children and the pilot. However, his music lives on, and as someone said earlier, with YouTube we see him performing when he was on earth, encapsulated forever by modern technology and the generosity of Melody and her staff.

    I have just ordered “No Compromise” and cannot wait to read it. I have also sent links to Keith’s YouTube videos to everyone on my email list so that God’s word can be spread by Keith’s unmatchable ability to speak and sing it by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The world needs Keith Green’s ministry more than ever today with all of the evil that abounds which we must fight with all of our strength.

    God bless Keith’s family and continuing ministry.

  35. Sherry Stevens Says:

    I have been listening to him all the way back to when he first got started. I don’t believe there has ever been another one quite like him. He was much needed for that particular move that God was doing. I was so sad it ended.

    Keith used to come to our church in Hillsboro, Or before anyone had ever really heard of him. When he started, the church had a regular group of people. When he came back the next time it had grown incredibly. The next time even more until there was no room in the place. People learned of him quickly and his desire to sing and preach the way it should be done. It was apparent that he was truly anointed. What a move of God there was. How refreshing to hear someone that was not just entertaining, and trying to make big bucks from their concerts and CD’s.

    I loved his humble heart and enjoyed seeing his ministry grow and what God was doing through he and Melody.

    I remember one time he was at church doing a concert and he decided to come hang out with us with a group of us that regularly hung out after services. This time there was only a few of us. Maybe 8.

    He said he would like to sing a song that was new. It always moved him and he hadn’t done it at a concert because he couldn’t get through it without crying. This was the first time he had played it for anyone. He played the prodigal. Talk about an anointed moving experience. There wasn’t a dry eye and I will never forget it. What a privledge to have been there.

    We have still felt the anointing to this day when listening to his music.

    We were ther the time he rebuked everyone at Jesus Northwest for making a time of worship and fellowship among followers of Christ, a carnival of Jesus junk. They had turned a time of fasting and praying into a party of food carts you can get at any state fair. There was total silence in the park. How refreshing for someone not to be afraid to hear the truth!

    From the day He sang it, I have played the Easter song for my children when they wake up on Easter morning before they even had their Easter baskets. Every year from the time they were little till the time they left home. Today my kids are in their 20’s and 30’s and they still have me play it when they come over for dinner. My daughter now makes it her tradition with her kids. Not only was Keith a good musician, an annointed preach, and an all around fun guy, but he has started traditions in my family that are continuing through my children and hopefully theirs too.

    What a privledge to know keith and Melody. I still grieve that it was such a short time. But the music still has the same moving of the Holy Spirit today that it did many years ago.

  36. Janey Dohring Says:

    I first heard of Keith Green through a friend. She had lent me a CD of his and I listened to it and was drawn to God through his music. The Anointing of God was unmistakeable. I became a Christian as a direct result of his ministry. What a blessing Keith and Melody were and are to many people. His preaching touched many lives. I am grateful for his no compromise stance that he portrayed in his life. His ministry lives on today, still bringing us closer to Jesus, touching our hearts and I look forward to seeing him in heaven one day soon.

  37. Dane Muhlig Says:

    I went to one of Keith’s concerts. As he spoke the truth without compromise my pride and rebellion rose up. Then he quoted Jesus, “Because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Rev. 3:16. He said the word spit means vomit. He said if you are lukewarm you make the Lord sick to vomit! I hated Keith Green at that moment! I thought he is not walking in love. He is judging me! I went into spiritual shock and could not drive my car home for some time. The next day I checked out the original word for “spit” and found it meant vomit. At that point I knew I made God sick! Of course he loved me…but I made him sick by my lukewarm actions. I repented…I stopped walking in sin…I put my shoes on and went and conducted 350 Outreaches for the Lost in Pakistan, Africa, India, China, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, South and Central America and Australia and led ONE MILLION PEOPLE TO CHRIST! [and now I am going for one billion]. The truth sets people free [Jn.8:32] not some sissy, sweet, watered down, compromising, hellish fake gospel…but the truth given in love.

  38. Ray Gonzales...Pastor Says:

    My wife and I were saved in 1973…Our daughter Joanne was 3 years old. She grew up listening to Christian music. When she was 10 years old she came across the music of Keith Green and loved it. She wrote a letter to him…She said that her father was a pastor and that we did not have that much money. She wanted to know if she could have an album of the Prodigal Son. Keith Green sent her an album in the mail and she was so excited. To this day we have a high regard for Keith Green’s ministry and music. He affected out lives and we will never forget the impact he made.

  39. Michael Says:

    I first heard the music of Keith Green z”l while living on a kibbutz in Israel. One of the other volunteers had a cassette tape of Keith’s music and loaned it to me. How did I respond? I wept and thanked GOD for the musician and the music. At the time, Keith’s music was upbeat, serious in message and contemporary and much in sync with my own ‘heart.’ And, the ‘sold out’ message which Keith Green continually expressed, struck me deeply.

    Fast forward a few years to 1982 or so and a visit to Ben Israel ministries in northern Minnesota. Art Katz z”l had invited Keith Green to minister there along with others including an excellent African American preacher, whose name skips me. A carload of us had traveled from a private Bible school in northern Wisconsin to hear and see Keith and Art Katz. From my viewpoint, they both held to a ‘sold out’ message and were cutting edge servants of the Messiah. We anticipated the ministry of both Art and Keith greatly as we made our way to the Ben Israel conference. What happened that weekend left us in great wonder.

    For some reason, Art and Keith had a major public clash in which Keith basically did not sing but sniped at some of what had been taught at that conference. What Keith said – mind you, he did not sing or play piano as we had expected – was quite earthly and stated with crass terms which I will spare mentioning. Art basically got visibly and obviously mad and afterwards when Art took to the stage, publicly made Keith look like a spiritual midget, comparing Keith’s lack of spiritual maturity to the great maturity exhibited by the African American preacher. (That was Art’s eloquently stated opinion not necessarily mine or perhaps other attendees.) Art also sternly rebuked a parent whose child was crying while Art was speaking. To me, that uncovered something I did not expect from a man of such purported spiritual standing.

    We came to Ben Israel that weekend considering both Art and Keith to be spiritual dynamos and spiritual men of high stature. After this episode, we began to wonder and try to sort through the implications of this event within ourselves. I cannot tell you the discomfort I felt as we watched in person their disagreement publicly unfold at Ben Israel that weekend. Plus, there was a relatively small number of people gathered there who witnessed this event. NO where to hide, so to say, in the crowd as these things transpired.

    We drove back to Wisconsin afterwards stunned. We barely spoke and, as I recall, said almost nothing about what we had witnessed. We could not figure it out but I also came away with a life lesson: don’t put people on a pedestal, even those most spiritual (seemingly). People may fall short but G-D will not.

    Shortly after arriving back, one of our party, Nick, wrote a letter to Art Katz and asked for help in understanding what we had witnessed between Art and Keith. Not too long afterwards, Nick received a response that basically said: We love each other but we have agreed to disagree. That response was greatly helpful since it was an honest answer and we could say, was also a biblical answer. After all, Rav Sha’ul (Paul) had a serious disagreement with Barnabbas and there are numerous passages in Scripture that exhort us into proper dealings with those we have trouble with or disagree with in life.

    Now as I hear Keith’s music, I see a giant of the Spirit who also had some serious clay feet. When I read Art Katz’s writings, I recognize a human being expressing with tongue of clay, the glory of an Almighty Messiah. That encourages me to cling to the truism that all of us as messianic believers can be used of the L-rd in a great way even if our own feet or tongues may be made of clay. After all, we have this treasure in an earthen vessel.

    My opinion of both Keith Green and Art Katz is not diminished by the event that fateful weekend at Ben Israel. Instead, it is now framed by the understanding that any person can be used of G-d if that person will step out in faith, speak the truth in love and follow the moving hence the calling of His Ruach.

    Shortly after this perplexing meeting took place at Ben Israel, the fateful airplane trip took place. If the shock of the disagreement we witnessed at Ben Israel ranked as a 7 on a scale of 10, the physical death of Keith Green and the others that day ranks as a 10-plus on the same scale. We were in actual shock, with weeping and sorrow. Why? The main reason for me beyond the tragedy was the wonderment associated with the question: Did Art Katz and Keith Green ever get their issue worked through? How I wish I knew for sure the answer to that specific question!

    I think both of them after they became talmidim (disciples) of Yeshua attempted to preach the Good News in a way that left no grey areas. For that reason – that which is truly done in the L-rd will remain – the impact of their ministries continues until now. All the rest? It is just hay, wood, and stubble.