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  1. Liz Says:

    One of Keith’s songs that comes to my mind is Run to The End of the Highway. In my life (like everyone else’s) I have experienced some very difficult things. This song has been a great reminder that running or at least trying to run away is not the answer–Jesus is.
    Thanks big brother Keith

  2. Liz Says:

    Wow. I have just popped in one of Keith’s CDs. Wow. His music still really, really challenges me! I am grateful for the way that Jesus is merciful with us when we stumble in the dark or are afraid. Keith was just so honest and put into songs what we experience in our lives. Like “Dust to Dust”

    I’m lost in the dark, I cry out to you
    You send out a light and tell me
    Walk by faith, not by sight
    and then
    You come shining down!

    I am putting Your armor on, (its a choice we make!)

    Help me to follow through, make every day a devotion to You.
    It really is Dust to dust until we learn how to trust.

    After years of walking with Jesus, I still welcome the reminder to simply TRUST. Walking by faith sounds great until the lights really go out–I think we like to see! But it is when we walk by faith that we bring the Father joy and glory.

    It inspires me when I think of how relatively young Keith was in his life on earth and yet, he really got a hold of deep things related to walking in victory with God.

    I am grateful for my brother in Jesus, Keith Green!

  3. Carl(carlos) Lopez Says:

    My first encounter with Keith’s music was when I came to know the Lord in 1983. I lived in a mountain community called Pine Mountain Club in souther California at the time. A friend prayed with me and led me to the Lord and gave me a copy of the cassette, “Songs for the Shepperd”. I took it up with me to a park at the top of the mountain there, along with a bible that they had lent me and had my first mountain top experience with Jesus. I remember weeping before the Lord as I listened to the music and marveled at God’s creation all around me. Everything seemed new and alive. The air seemed fressher and the sky couldn’t possibly be any bluer or more beautifull than at that moment in my life. That album will always have a special place in my heart. My favorite album has to be “So you want to go back to Egypt?” I loved the way that Keith could make lite of serious issues or sins in our lives. The Holy Spirit was always right there to hightlight anything in my life that needed changing as I listened to the words of the songs. Another favorite song that still makes me weep and is an alltime favorite of mine is the Prodigol Son.
    Shortly after coming to the Lord, someone turned me on to the LDM newsletter. The first one I received had the “The Father Heart of God” on the cover and inside was an article on a class called ITC(Intencive Christian Training) School. A two and a half month class of discipleship trainning for believers that were serious on knowing Jesus and God’s will for there lives. I applied and was accepted and withing a few months, I sold or gave away most of my belongings and off to Lindale Texas I went. What happended after that in my life would take a book or two to tell and hopefully some day I will get around to writting it. For now, I am still too busy living for Jesus and doing all that I can to further His kingdom werever He sends me.
    Although I never had the previledge of personally meeting Keith, I was a part of Last Days Ministries for over two and a half years. I drove the Ministry bus all over the U.S. doing ralleys for Americans Against Abortion and being a part of the LDM family. Althought all of that seems like a lifetime ago, the memories are still like if it all just happened yesterday.
    I met my wife Pame at LDM, she was a counselor at my ICT class. We just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this year along with our four beautiful children. As I look back at my life, I wonder how different it would have been had Keith not been obedient to the Lord and started Last Days Ministries and all of the other ministries that spun off from there.
    There is hardley a day that goes by that we aren’t touched by something that Keith was a part of while He was with us here on earth. Wether his music on the radio, or Roland’s newsletter for the LDM’rs(Thanks Rolando), or a Christian brother or sister in the Lord brigging up memories of something that happened to them while at the ministry, etc.
    I thank Jesus for all of the ripples in the pond that Keith caused while he was here. I hope and pray to God that I can somehow do the same with my life.
    Thank You Jesus for sharing Keith with me in my lifetime, I am looking forward to someday meeting him face to face and thanking him personally for the impact he had on my life.
    Thank you Wayne for this site, I hope many are blessed by the testimonies that are written here concerning this little grain of wheat that fell to the ground and died…..yet is still bearing fruit for the kingdom, whose name was Keith Green!

    Carl(Carlos) Lopez
    Chambersburg,Pa.(for now 🙂 )

  4. johnnywood Says:

    My favorite song was “So You Want To Go Back To Egypt”. I did not become a fan till after Keith died but shortly after I aquired his greates hits. I wish I had met him but I will see him in the presence of our blessed LORD. In the meantime I`ll keep playing his CDs.

  5. Dave Says:

    I have many memories of the songs of Keith Green, but I will share just one for now.

    I had been through a long period of rebellion in my walk with the Lord. Not on the outside, all on the inside. I think only my wife had an idea that something was not right. I was cold and hard when it came to the Lord. I dropped my wife at Wal-mart and waited for her in the car. I popped a tape in (it just happened to be “So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt”) the tape player and the song that started playing was, “Grace By Which I Stand”.

    I don’t know exactly how, but somehow the Holy Spirit used that song and broke my cold, hard heart. I began to cry, big sobbing kind of crying. My wife came out and asked what was happening. I explained to her that I was just listening to the song and this wave of sorrow and joy came over me and I just could not top crying.

    We headed over to some friends house to share what had happened. I rewound the tape so I could hear the song again. While listening to and driving the crying thing started all over again. It was so bad I had to pull over to the side of the road because I could not see well enough to drive!

    I have never experienced anything like it since, but I will never forget it.

    I often listen to Keith before I am to preach at the church I now pastor. I cannot wait to meet my brother Keith one day in heaven.


  6. Regina Shea Says:

    Keith Green was one of the first white Christian musician I had ever listened too. I didn’t realize at that time that such music could possibley be Christian. I was a new Christian and I was devastated to learn he had passed away along with some of his children. Thank you Keith for blessing us and having such a tremendous impact on so many people.

  7. Gretchen Says:

    I remember hearing Keith’s music when I was a teenager having almost every album he put out, and how it made such a huge impact on my life, and how it challenged me then and now. I remember hearing about his passing along with his two children, Bethany and Josiah, and going to the “Keith Green Memorial Concert” and how graciously Melody who also had such a huge heart could share her grief with the world, and how even though Keith was gone how God still worked through his music, how he being such a humble servant God is still using him! Thank You Heavenly Father, for giving us Keith though for such a short time, it was never the less used for you always! “Jesus Is Lord Of All, Jesus Is Lord Of Alll, No Sin Is Too Big, No Problem Too Small, Jesus Is Lord Of All” After years of not being able to listen to his music and finally getting to listen to some of his songs, they come flooding back almost as if I had never stopped!! Thank you also for allowing this place to share the memories we have of Keith and how such a servand of God made such an impact!

  8. Martin Sierra Says:

    I became a christian in 1984,2 years after keith passed away.A friend of mine let me borrow “No Compromise”,I remember the first song that caught my attention was “Dear John Letter” and didn’t think much about it until a year later when on television was a program with Keith singing “Soften Your Heart”,I remembered that the song was on the album i had heard and so I went and bought it.
    24 years later the power of those songs is still as powerful as back then,I have all his albums and I know that listening to Keith’s songs have helped me mature in the Lord through the years.
    I can’t wait to get to heaven…….and say to Keith “Thank You Brother!”

  9. Greg Neal Says:

    It’s a tie. But, fortunately, they’re both on the same CD on the “silver collection”.

    I love Keith’s “Alter Call”. There is nothing like playing this song in the car a couple of times to get the tears and burden for the lost flowing.

    And there is nothing to crack through the hardening effects of my everyday life like listening to “Make My Life a Prayer to You”. Between those two, the Lord often takes me from being distracted to weeping for the lost state of those around me – and a determination to help – all within 5-6 minutes. That’s a legacy after 25 years; to be able to touch people you’ve never met to serve Jesus!

  10. Patrice Says:

    What song can ever be more powerful than Keith Green singing “The Easter Song” ? I am 50 years old and I have listened to it every Easter season for as long as I can remember. When I was young and still living at home, every Easter morning I would put on the album, turn the volume up as high as possible and cry as I listened to it. If I was the first one in the house to wake up on Easter (my favorite day of the year), others would wake up to it. All these years later, I still do the same thing. My children know that it would not be Easter without it. They also know that, when I die, there will be two songs at the service; my sister (Stephanie Jackson) playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on guitar (listen to her music at and you will understand why) and Keith Green’s “The Easter Song” – full blast, of course. I cannot even begin to describe what it means to me.

  11. Carol Says:

    I started listening to Keith’s music when I was saved in the late 1970’s. I was in my twenties then and now I am in my fifties. I love all of his songs and every one is so meaningful to me and touches me in a special way. Even after all these years, when I hear “Grace by which I stand” , I begin to sob – especially the part when Keith sings “nothing lasts, except the grace of God” . After all these years, I can truly say, too, Nothing lasts except the grace of God. I always wondered why God took him home at such a young age, but I know one thing that God continues to work through Keith ‘s music.

  12. Matt Says:

    I was really tired of the world and what it had to offer , got right with Christ in Jan. 82′ and was attending a weekly Bible study at a friends home.
    He said “man you gotta hear this guy” (Keith) I’m really thankful how the Lord orders our steps and places people in our lives when we are truly seeking Him !!
    Keith’s no compromise message struck a cord with me and I knew right away Keith was not doing religion but relationship ! I was shocked & saddened by the by the crash later that year.
    In 84′ I did the Oct. ICT school at LDM , Truly one of the most rewarding and challenging times of my life … Matt and Kathleen running the school ,Bernie S. and Carlos L. down in the Auto Shop with those guys taking time before our work started to find out how we were doing that day and providing a time to share and pray ! It’s like it was
    I’ve never been part of a fellowship since as special /unique as what Keith and Melody started at LDM … not sure if I can pick a favorite song I like em’ all .. “Trials turn to gold” “He’ll take care of the rest” on and on …. Keep on the Path …. matt

  13. Sandra Says:

    WOW! For some reason I decided to google Keith Green. This site brought back so many good memories of my “new Christian” days way back. Listening to Keith’s music, reading his book. Just reading some of the lyrics of his songs have had me in tears; and such a sense of the Lord’s presence I haven’t felt in a long time. A common thread I keep seeing is that after all these years Keith’s music is as powerful now as it was then.
    I think my favourite two songs are “There is a Redeemer” and “Lord You’re Beautiful”.
    Thank you Jesus for such a blessing
    Thank you Keith and thank you Melody

  14. mike fox Says:

    I first heard his music around 1983-85 and still listen to now..was annoited back then and is today…i’d sense God’s Holy Spirit, then and now…wish i could have met him…. God willing one day i will.

  15. Alan Says:

    Time-travel. That’s what Keith’s music does for me; it takes me back to an era and a journey, chronicled by my own lyrics and mirrored by Keith’s. It is a boat with two oars, only one (Keith’s), is paddling a lot faster than mine! So many of his songs directly relate with my own early days in the walk, and then the ministry, and then the mission field. What is interesting to me is that not only does his music still touch souls today, but it is as if he is calling out to the living dead from his grave. Get up! Do what I know longer can! Finish the task! I laughed when I read the comment above about googling Keith Green. How many times have I done that same thing! Each and every song, then, had–and has–a purpose in my life. An event. An epiphany. A moment. A revolution. I remember singing “Asleep in the Light” in the daily chapel service of a large Christian Liberal Arts college while a student there. It really didn’t matter that it was me who was singing or even that my timing was quite bad that day. The song itself was still anointed and a bunch of kids came forward at the altar call. Keith, as animated as he was, would always have found his place at the forefront of some kingdom movement, even if he couldn’t sing a note. But his songs? They are the essence of the legacy; they still live today. I closed many of my concerts with “My Eyes Are Dry.” And many, many lives were touched. I mean, how can you improve on that song? Would you change one word or note? And in my darkest days, when I had walked away from the ministry, and my life and family had torn apart by the tragedy of divorce and betrayal, I was reminded that it’s “Grace By Which I Stand.” Keith’s love for Jesus, his incessant paradigm shifts, his out of the box, out of the way ranch in East Texas…all bore the mark of a man who spent time with God. How could the rest of us help but be exhorted to do the same? Most recently, I came upon “Your Love Broke Through,” in my Ipod, and it unleashed all over again that now-familiar feeling of waves crashing over and around my heart whenever I listened to Keith Green music. 25 years have passed, and there has never been another songwriter like him.

  16. David A. Barton Says:

    I discovered the music of Keith Green at a Christian bookstore about 10 years ago. His music is so special because Keith sung with such conviction. His talent is found in every song he recorded. But I think the best thing about Keith Green was that he really loved Jesus Christ,that his faith was real and the music was just a byproduct of that love for our Savior. It inspires me to strive to be more like Jesus. Of course,Jesus is always our Greatest and Best Example for us all because what He did for us at Calvary. There is absolutely no comparison to Christ Jesus! I know that Keith would agree to that. Through his music,his ministry,and his life he pointed (and through his legacy he continues to point!) people to the Risen One,the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you so much Keith,can’t wait to worship with you around the throne! It won’t be long! Praise Jesus!

  17. Glenn Dixon Says:

    I was ‘born again’ at an early age, and by the time I started college in the fall of ’79 I had a good eleven years of Christianity under my belt. Keith’s music caught my attention one evening while riding in the back of a friend’s car. I made her turn up her 8-track (don’t laugh) just so I could verify what I was hearing. A Christian singer was actually saying something bold and provocative in a song!

    “To obey is better than sacrifice.

    I want more than Sunday and Wednesday nights,

    Cause if you can’t come to me every day,

    Then don’t bother coming at all.”

    Man, you just *don’t* say stuff like that! I was totally hooked. I bought a cassette tape that week, and added to my collection every time I had the chance. I subscribed to the newsletter. The next summer I saw him in concert, then again later with my wife.

    I had most of his song books and played and sang his music as best I could. I literally absorbed his music in every way that I could. His skill and talent and spirit touched me deeply.

    I suppose the most poignant moment specifically related to music would be shortly after his death. I received a package from LDM. I opened it up to see a picture of Keith standing, smiling, a lamb over his shoulders. I had completely forgotten about pre-ordering the “Songs for the Shepherd” album. Listening was bittersweet, yet still a wonderful memory. The first thing I heard was Keith’s amazing version of the 23rd Psalm, and the words never had more meaning:

    “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want,
    He makes me lie down in green pastures…”

    It was as if Keith was singing to me from heaven.

    I still miss him.

  18. John Jamerson Says:

    The past few years I let some of the old music of my teen years back in my life. Along with that music came with just a few things that I thought I was done with but found out that I can’t control them. The only door where these things could come from was the old music from my past. I had bought Keith ministry years CD’s a few years ago. I started listening to them again and that door has been closed again! Keiths music is so refreshing once again and feels new. What a blessing Keith still is to me. Thank you God!!!

  19. Michael Montague Says:

    What was it about Keith Green? It was Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!!! I heard Keith on recordings long before I met him. Ron Langford, a friend and now a Pastor, invited me to go to hear Keith in Concert in Greenville, S.C. back in March of 1982. I was most impressed, but even more so touched by the presence of God. Keith had God-given talents, but they were honed by the Holy Spirit. Keith could have been popular, but God made him famous for His glory. I will never forget his ability on the piano, but evn more his heart and love for the Father. The second half of the concert, Keith came out singing “Who ya gonna throw in the lake of fire?”, and I was shaken to the core of my being. I went to church, but I also went to strip clubs and XXX theatres. God has delivered me from my perversion, and I pray that one day God will open a door for me to use my musical talents for His glory, like Keith. The night before Keith died, I was up all night praying for him and Melody. I was grieved the next day to find out that Keith had died in a plane crash. I was rocked and confused, but I know God knows best but it still did not make any sense to me. Later, I got to meet and hear Leonard Ravenhill. He told me about Keith’s funeral. What will God do next? Revival is coming to America, and then He will shake the nations. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Let’s get more “bananas for Jesus!” Let us walk as Keith walked and share Jesus to all who will listen.

  20. Steve Coulter Says:

    so many of Keiths songs were soo good for me and were part of the holy spirits work in me .
    i came to Jesus in 1976 and was a mess.young, jewish, my father was struggling with acohol and asked me to leave at 16. i shortly came to Keiths music ,to obey is better than sacrifice,conveyed 24/7 dicipleship Jesus honored.hey moe just keep building that boat (Name?) steady faithfulness ,easter song, i play on guitar today. and then i saw him on the piano at the rock house in orlando fla with alex clattenburg as youth pastor late 70’s calvary assembly of god , and my beloved brother Rick chance,Rick and i spoke of keiths down to earth and real spirit- it has impacted me for all of my life, no halfway heart, only a sold out radicle walk- but tranparently one addiction got me for a while, i have to say Jesus was right there when i turned back; supernaturley and completely . Keiths music was right there as well and the holy Spirit has been so Good ,i am still connected to the youth and the harvest as never before. He is a part of the hebrews great cloud of witnesses no doubt at all!! Jesus Love satisfies like no one and nothing else,and Keiths passion speaks today.

  21. Barb Rebentisch Says:

    Keith’s music touched me in high school, and the song that really captured me was “No Compromise.” When I was a missionary in Taiwan a few years later, I got really touched when a Taiwanese musician who had come to help with an evangelistic English camp saw my Keith Green albums, and said, “Wow!! Keith Green! I love his music, can you help me get his albums?!” I gave him all my albums, and replaced my own then later. I thought, “Indeed, the kingdom of God spreads around the globe, and those who touch the heart of God recognize His pulse, even across the seas.”

  22. Jay Larr Says:

    After several years of Church searching, “getting re-born again”, rebellion, drugs, alcohol, mental illness, back and forth, throughout the decades, I returned to one church, the church in “it’s locality”, as it’s called “the church in (city)”, and haven’t stopped going. an old friend there, turned me on to Keith Green. I thought: fresh, cool, clean piano, nice sound, must be something new for the milinnuim, but he looked like the old me in my teens with that curly hair. I thought, o.k. he looks like a nerd in his photo, but he was really on fire for the Lord. However, the one song that sticks out the most to me tonight is: “Grace By Which I Stand”. I just e-mailed it to my friend, who has been suffering for months, as I have been. However, the truth is this: It is by the Grace of God we are saved. lest any man shall boast. It is what drives me and this brother on. Even when we really got on each other’s nerves, this Grace of God has preserved our friendship. We aren’t giving up on Jesus, because Jesus is not going to let us go. we know where we were, and we don’t want to go back to our old ways. we both are over 40, but nothing lasts, except for the Grace of God by which we (all believers) stand, in Jesus.

  23. mark egyir arthur Says:

    i am only 20 years old but have really come to like keith,because his songs have really challenged and uplifted my christian life in so many ways . i equally like keith green song because each song really touches my heart. may the soul of my role module rest in perfect peace

  24. Greg Neal Says:

    Keith’s music has never been replaced in the CCM world.

    My brother and I got saved in November of 1981. By then, we had already started listening to a lot of Keith’s music. There was other good stuff out there, at the time, too. Early Amy Grant, Dallas Holm, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Mike Adkins, early Mylon LeFever, etc. But, Keith Green was our favorite. Even amongst those greats, his heart for purity in faith stood out. He simply DID NOT COMPROMISE the message of the cross in his lyrics. He highlighted it.

    Since his death, though, no one in Contemporary Christian Music has picked up his fallen mantle. I listened to CCM fairly regularly for almost 15 years after Keith’s death. During that time I noticed the increasing shallowness of the messages, and the triteness of the lyrics. And, most bands or singers seemed to be in it for the artistic value, rather than as ministry. That was sad. I eventually couldn’t listen to it, anymore. Most of it actually had ceased to be Christian in any meaningful sense. They were drippy songs about a “Jesus” who seemed unable to help them to overcome the world; but just muddled through it with them.

    This is a sorry state. And it really seemed to happen after 1982.
    Has anyone else noticed this?

  25. Len Taylor Says:

    I was in bed the morning of July 28, 1982 listening to Keith’s “Asleep in the Light” when my dad called to say that he had heard on the Paul Harvey news that Keith and the others had died. How powerful his music still is! It is what I always come back to. No music has ever so impacted my heart. What impressed me the most was not his song of “No Compromise” but his life of NO COMPRISE…he could have been very wealthy, but instead chose to honor the Lord and be obedient to the call on his life. Every time I sing “There is a Redeemer” in church, I still get the goosebumps when we get to the part near the end “thank you oh my father” I can hear Keith’s voice tremble and feel the emotion of his heart. God Bless you Melody and family!

  26. Kaeli Says:

    I am 20…so I never met the dude, but WOW! I love the music. A dear sister in Christ shared with me Keith’s music at age 16. At first, I didn’t think of it as anything special, until I noticed he wrote “Oh Lord Your Beautiful” (I never knew that before!). I also didn’t know the extra two verses and the chorus (these lyrics aren’t sung in my parts of the world).
    I was in the kitchen one day with Keith Green playing, and when I heard the chorus the first time.

    “I want to take your word and shine it all around
    But first help me just to live it Lord. ” (at this point, I shouted at the music player with a shocked and surprised tone of voice, “No way!”, continuing the thought while mumbling, “He did not just say that!”) I re-wound the CD just to make sure I heard it right and was filled with awe for a window to such a raw, no nonsense heart. I then fell in love with Keith Green’s music.

    I have grown to really love “I can’t wait to get to Heaven” and “The Victor”. They both have tremendous, fantastic, oober-cool, awesomest visuals. I love music that sets up a picture in your mind that flows perfectly with the music. The Victor is that kind of song. It’s also one of those “Get OUTTA here Satan because you stink!” kinda songs. Good song when all the lights are on at 3am.
    I like “I can’t wait to get to Heaven” because it’s simplicity…which reminds me of “You are the One.” I love those simple songs with a happy beat. They became my deafult songs when I have X-rated music in my head.
    “There is a Redeemer” is another default song. I love the chorus. Keith Green had a special way of putting new wisdom in my head through his songs. God gave us his Son and left the Spirit here. Coming from a more wiser person, that seems like a simple concept, but to me, it’s one of those “I never thought of it that way” kinda epiphany and continues to turn the wheels in my head.

    I don’t have a son or a wife, so I used the verses in “I pledge my head to heaven” with my own lyrics, but that doesn’t mean Keith’s version doesn’t mean anything to me. I change the lyrics often to fit the particular situation I am in…and it’s really cool! I love that song…but I know this is not one of those default songs, at least in my life. I can’t just sit sing that I pledge everything I have to heaven without meaning it. Keith’s songs do that to me. Most of them, I can’t sing unless my heart is really in them, and I like that. It gives me a reality check.

    My friends and I are convincd that Keith’s music is one of the few that are still alive. It will never grow old no matter how silly it may sound. I love “old gospel” music from the early something-hundreds, and I love the new-age revolution that is working on making scremo-heavy metal pleasing to Christ. However, Keith’s music, I never think of as “*80s” music. It’s just Keith Green music. One of a kind and like Christ. Never gets old. Never gets new. Unchanging, just like Christ. 🙂

  27. Stuart Says:

    My favorite song is: “Create in me a Clean Heart”

    When I first heard this song I was rebelling against God and blaming Him for the death of my father who had been killed in a car accident. I felt that God had abandoned my mother adn my 2 brothers and sister. I was only 7 when my dad died.

    It was my cousin who had most of Keith’s recordings so I asked if I could borrow them. The message communicated to “so called Christians” is and still is needed. I accepted Jesus when I was only 5 but just kind of went through the motions of Church but not really understanding what it meant to be a “little Christ”.

    It was this way I’ve been reading No Compromise and am still being challenged by the message God’s been communicating through Keith and now Melody.

    Keith was used by God for a very specific place and time in and I pray that God will raise more people up to be faithful.

    Keith’s message has influenced many lives, and I pray that his message and music sill continue!

  28. Sandie Shepel Says:

    Keith Green was a very special & annointed person, a gift to the Body of CHRIST. I like many of his songs but the one I especially remember is “The Lord is my Shepherd”. The first time I heard it I was in Canada and riding with a couple who played the casette and I burst into tears and I could not stop. At that time I was still mourning my fiancee, Mauricio Wagner, who died while learning to fly to become a Missionary. I did not know that I still had so much pain, fear inside of me, I felt so lonely, until I heard this song, suddenly I began to open to the comfort of the Holy Spirit, I knew he wanted to help me and hold me and tell me He was going to take care of me…

  29. Connor Poindexter Says:

    My favorite song has to be “Dear John Letter” because its so cool with the mix of funny…..and christian…

  30. Holly B. Says:

    I was 10 years old when I heard Keith Green for the first time. I was introduced to his music by my fourth grade teacher at the time. My favorite song is “Rushing Wind”. Every time I hear it my soul is calmed and I feel the presence of My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I cannot wait to meet my brother in Christ when I get into heaven. He was and still is a wonderful testimony of God’s love and compassion to us all. His legacy lives on and I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to own some of his cd’s. AMEN!

  31. Debbie Says:

    My first Easter after an encounter with God in Socoro, New Mexico at age 24, I heard The Easter Song and it stirred my soul as no song had. It was about MY Saviour who is now ALIVE!! Some time later I saw interpretive dance so starkly and beautifully portraed! Not just at Easter, but so many times through the year I hear and sing this song. Thankyou for this www and thank the Lord for Keith Green’s words and life, which I have come to appreciate more.

  32. Faith Richards Says:

    Keith’s “Prodigal Son” suite is one of my favorites. But often during the low points or bad days in my life, I lean on Keith’s music to lift me. I so wish I could have met him, or seen him in concert. It breaks my heart that he is no longer in the physical world to make more inspirational songs.

  33. Sean King Says:

    When I first became a Christian, I bought all of Keith Greens music and played it night and day in between reading my Bible. I love the words and music that God gave to this brother, (so strikingly beautiful) Its hard to say which songs are my favorite although I recently heard a song of his I had never heard of “Keep On The Path” I wanted to purchase this song but its not available for purchase anywhere. The lyrics and music are beautiful, and powerful are the verses! Thank you Lord for this Keith’s enduring ministry!

  34. bridget, from zambia Says:

    i came to learn abt Keith through my uncle when i was only 11years he frequently used to play up todate he still does play Keith’s songs. the first time i heard ” you can run to the end highway” it touched my heart and so i continued listening to it. it was at this point when my uncle lead me to christ and gave my life to the Lord he then began reading Keith’s biograph to me i remember vividly that same day became quite sad when i learnt abt how Keith’s died so i could not help it keeping to myself i then went on sharing this to my friends . keith’s life really touched my heart and i just came to love Keith. to this day am now 35 years still love keith songs he was indeed a great and apointed man at the right time. to you Melody i say may God richly bless you. you have been a blessing to others.

  35. Jemima Says:

    I love ‘You love the world’, ‘Asleep in the light’, ‘ when I hear the praises start’,’The Lord is my Shepherd’, ‘ Its all because of you’, etc. loving this few I know I will love the rest. His music makes you want to do more for God and to change your own life for Christ

  36. Annette Says:

    Never heard of Keith before I heard the song, “Holy, Holy, Holy” sung by him on KSBJ radio in (Humble) Houston, Texas, the summer of 1983. I loved the song because we sang it in church from the time I was little. But I remember being literally awestruck when I heard Keith sing it and thinking to myself: “This is the most beautiful black tenor voice singing the greatest rendition of this hymn I have ever heard.” What? No matter the color God made His glorious rainbow of people – what a gorgeous; anointed voice Keith has!! Anyway, the announcer said “That was the late Keith Green singing…” I was instantly bummed that I’d missed this guy, but went on a quest to find his music, which was out everywhere then. Our first daughter, 9 days old, had passed away in November of ’82. My husband and I became new followers of Jesus that year. Keith’s music has so deeply and richly blessed us from that time until now and ever shall. Much love and prayers on behalf of LDM for their upcoming movie of Keith’s life! Our Heavenly Father will pour out His Spirit on all people, because His Son, Yeshua the Messiah – Jesus is coming back soon.
    JOHN 12:24, PHILIPPIANS 4:19 & 20, Joel 2:28
    Thank you for your invitation to share a few thoughts about Keith.
    Blessings and Shalom!

  37. Jennifer Says:

    “Trials Turned to Gold”

    He’s brought me low
    so I could know
    the way to reach the heights
    to forsake my dreams, my self esteen
    and give up all my rights.

    He’s brought me here
    where things are clear
    and trials turned to gold.

    This song changed the course of my life.

  38. Sally Matthews Says:

    I became a believer in Christ right around the time Keith died. The song leader at my church really loved his music (which I was unfamiliar with at that time) and played his 20 min long Prodigal Son song. It made quite an impression on me, so I, being a singer and pianist, took and learned almost evereyone of his songs — and now, 30+ years later, am taking that music and am ministering now to prison inmates with it. The music has an anointing to this day — and I am seeing yolks broken every time I play & sing it. What a blessing.

    Keith’s song, I Can’t Wait Till We Get Heaven, was a prayer that was truly answered. God gave him the desires of his heart in taking him when He did. I praise God for Keith’s music and the effect it is still having on listeners to this day.