How has Keith’s life and ministry impacted your life’s ministry?



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  1. Richard Cummins Says:

    You can see Keith’s impact on me in the ‘your story’ section. It was 9 months between when I first encountered Keith’s music to my enrollment in a ywam DTS (where I spent years). I should mention that it was also my encounter with Keith’s music that I found salvation…so I discovered Keith Green, gave my life to Jesus, and was doing missions work in less than one years time! (I was 20 years old in 1994) I humorously refer to those 9 months in between as my ‘spiritual pregnancy in Jesus’.

    I miss people like Keith in our ‘ccm entertainment machine’ today – there is no ‘one person’ to “pick up the mantle” like some have said about Steve camp, etc. It is US!

    Let’s rediscover our first love – let’s rekindle the fire!! Look what Jesus did for us – let his love give you the strenth and courage you need to DO what is asked of us.

    To encourage you:


    Richard Cummins

  2. Alan Says:

    A world-renowned leader once commented, “I am surprised that such a zealous young man would not be more involved with missions.” Thus began Keith’s, and my, missions story. I, too, was looking for more in my commitment. And partly, perhaps mostly, due to Keith’s “new passion,” I ultimately made it to the field at age 25. Ironically, out of Keith’s final tours sprung YWAM’s “Night of Missions.” I was asked to sing on what was then a fledgling NOM, and eventually saw hundreds commit to the mission field through, in part, to songs I had written, largely inspired by Keith. Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies…In the days before I stopped performing, one of the mission songs–“Nearly Half the World”–was chosen as the opening song for the Lausaunne World Conference on Evangelism, where thousands of the world’s evangelists were gathered, at the invitation of Billy Graham, to be inspired, equipped and blessed to take this Gospel of the Kingdom into all the earth. Thank-you, Keith, and Yeshua, for your mysteries.

  3. Tom Parr Says:

    I discovered his music in 1993 as an unsaved 22 year old. I had never met a sincere Christian, I thought. Then I listened to Keith. I listened to him for months. It got to the point where I didn’t listen to any other music. I just hung on every word. One day at my house, I was listening to “When I hear the praises start.” Keith sang “My Son, why are you striving? You can’t add one thing to what’s been done for you. I did it all while I was dying. Rest in your faith, my peace will come to you.” At that moment, I believed in the crucified Savior who bore my sins on the cross. I felt my heart “strangely warmed.” All those times I had heard the gospel, now I embraced it. My life has never been the same. Now, 16 years later, I am a church planter in the needy northwest.

    I recently found Keith’s “Live Experience” CD. I like it because it’s just Keith and his piano, without the drums and pop culture cling-ons. He could make a piano erupt with the joy of God’s salvation. It always refreshes me spiritually. No other Christian singer should be mentioned in the same breath. I am eternally grateful for his ministry. God still plucks brands from the fire.

  4. James Jansen Says:

    I surrendered my life to Jesus in 1983. In 1984 I went into full time missions work with YWAM, largely because of Keith’s tract – Why You Should Go to the Mission Field. I spent 5 years in YWAM and now, 20 years later, my wife, my adopted daughter and myself will be returning to full time work with YWAM in Mexico. Keith’s music had a lasting impact on me like no other Christian musician. I believe he was the most anointed Christian musician past or present. He didn’t just sing nice songs, but spoke with a prophetic voice using music, and was not afraid to say things most pastors wouldn’t say, for fear of losing church members. Keith’s life is an example of what one person can do when sold out for Jesus!

  5. Ted Kennedy Says:

    I never met Keith. I was one of the charismatics pastors that thought he was quite extreme, and I remember especially the “Washington for Jesus” meeting where HIS sermon was for the people to “repent” instead of Christian partying which did not go over well with many of the leaders of that rally. That was the first time, that I was aware of his impact. I began to think, “what if he is right?” I brushed it off after awhile and never thought much about him again. I never heard one song that he sung at that time. I had heard that he was “hard rock” and I didn’t have time for that.

    Then one day in 1982, I heard that Keith Green had died, and without pause or thought, I began to weep for I knew only by the spirit of God, that we had lost a great servant of God, that would never be replaced. He touched my life by revelation. I sensed my spiritual life changed where I was not so quick to be opinionated. Years went by and in 1989 I became a friend to a person that was heavily into Keith’s music. She asked me if I ever listened to Keith’s music. I said “I have never listen.” We were in my car and she put in the tape “Prodigal Son” into the cassette player. I couldn’t believe it, it was as if I was in the presence of God. I don’t think I ever ever wept so hard listening to music. I pulled over my car and listened to every song on that album, crying knowing that I had been wrong so many years. Even though I had been a Christian for 20 years, it was like I started all over, with a different view of Jesus and Keith. Since then, all these years, I have played his songs, hundreds if not thousands of times. I have preached all over the world, and thru the Internet I am still listening to Keith’s music here in Asia. No other musician, {preachers} has had more impact on my life than Keith and I never did meet him—-until after he died—-thru his music. To me, Keith Green was in the same company as with King David! His love for Jesus and his music probably moved our Master so deeply–so He “took him home” so Keith is probably making music and singing right where he wants to be….I owe so much to this young man who will always be eternally young!

  6. Greg Neal Says:

    “I owe so much to this young man who will always be eternally young!”

    That is a great line, Ted. It so encapsulates what Keith continues to mean to those of us who were young when we first listened to his music – but, we’re now middle aged. Keith will always be the guy with the Grizzly Adams beard and the ‘fro. He would look so different, now. Maybe with a greying goatee and close cropped hair; but still with those blazing eyes. We’ll never know, though. Because Keith will eternally be young, now, as you put it. Both, in our memories, and in eternity.

  7. Joseph Mandato Says:

    If it is true that life experience makes us who we are, then those that we experience life with-forever become a part of us. The work of Keith and Melodie Green have influenced me like so many, to rise above our selfish desires and escape the entrapment of our flesh for a higher purpose. Decades after Keith’s death, a surge of emotion jolts me from time to time. I am sad, then convicted, blessed, then challenged all over again to wake up from “sleeping in the light. ”

    I did meet Keith within a crowd as a young boy, amidst the thirsty souls at a Jesus Festival in the 1970’s. Though I recall this vague memory, it was’t until I left my Christian home to face the unsaved world, that I clinged to the annointed lyrics and Keith’s raw emotion as a lifeline. I remember on countless occasions while attending a state university, lost and empty individuals inquire of my strange ritual of driving 60 miles east every Sunday to attend church.

    Or, attending a college retreat that secretly promoted new age doctrine to 30 of the brightest minds the school could muster. i was the only Christian on this voyage. Keith’s music accompanied me and boy, what a ride we had over the next 7 days. Lives were saved and with the atheists, enemies were made. Yet throught this and scores of other experiences I was led through, my friend Keith Green provided just the right encouragement. We sent Last Days Magazine to our relatives in Italy back then, sang Keith’s songs in Church, and played Keith’s music to many, and even now to my four young sons who patron the next generation of Christ followers. My experience with Keiths music, and ministry, was public, private, and always at the proper time. The Holy Spirit speaks through these songs…even today in our weary world. Thank you for this opportunity to reach out. Perhaps our intercessory prayers will together, lift the new movie about Keith to ministry proportions once more…and make Keith proud.

  8. Dave Says:

    I first heard Keith’s music when I was in high school back in the early 80’s. Our youth pastor would have us over to meet at his house and he would lead us in several Keith Green songs. I especially remember singing “Your Love Broke Through”, and reflecting on the words. I attended a teen event sponsored by YWAM and eventually went to a YWAM DTS. I was even more exposed to Keith’s music there, and his message about serving in missions. I went back home after DTS was over, went to college for 3 years, then joined the Air Force. It was while I was in the military that I went through the toughest part of my life. I wasn’t willing to obey the Lord, but was angry at Him because I wanted Him to speak to me, and He wasn’t parting the clouds or speaking in a voice I wanted to listen to. I wanted Him to tell me what to do with my life, but was unwilling to obey His simple command to love Him more than anything, and love others.

    God broke through my stubborness, got my attention, and I turned my heart back to Him. Even through that time of turmoil and confusion, I constantly listened to Keith’s music. I could sense the conviction in his voice, and was moved by the lyrics he wrote. It helped to draw me back to God.

    Now I am married with 4 children. I have started listening to Keith’s music again, right at the time when I started asking God to draw me closer to Him and love Him more. Amost 20 years after his passing , Keith is still a huge inspiration to follow hard after Jesus. We are planning a family missions trip to India, and my prayer is that my children will be inspired to follow God as intensely as Keith did. I am playing his music in our house and can see how the Lord is using it to impact the life of my family.

  9. Paul Simmang Says:

    When I was in 9th grade a girl I was acquainted with at school gave me a cassette (this was about 1980) of Keith’s ‘No Compromise”. When I got home I put it on and was totally blown away. I had never heard such passion or anyone sing like that about God. Keith was simply a pipeline of God’s love, discipline and care and it swept me away ‘like a moth to the flame whenever I hear Your Name”! My senior year in HS I knew I was being called into ministry and eventually became a pastor. I also learned to play piano and lead worship because of the inspiration of Keith Green. My youngest son who is now 17 and a senior has learned to play the piano, lead worship and he writes praise and worship songs. He leads the student ministry music services and has opened the AM services in song for the main service (14,000 members in attendance). My point here is that Keith’s impact is so profound and I hope we all can remember that when we ‘burn’ for the Lord people will watch and lives will be changed. Thank-you Keith for your example and sincere effort to show us Jesus. I look forward to meeting you in heaven!